100 Days of Horror 2019 Master Post

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Day 59/42 – September 19th


“Another one that has been on my list forever. Enjoyed it but I think I enjoy Carpenter’s The Thing more.”

Bob: BLACK SUMMER (2019, Netflix)
“Prequel to Z Nation, a show I never watched but it stands on its own. Started out strong, with a more streamlined take of a zombie apocalypse, just people coming in and out of eachother’s stories trying to get to safety. But this couldn’t be sustained and settled down to The Walking Dead without any character.”

Cody: 3 FROM HELL (2019, Theatres)

“There is absolutely nothing in this movie that is worth it existing. All it does is tarnish the legacy of the first two. Full City of Geek review from me this weekend.”

Robin Lindsey – THE HERETICS (2017)

“Not bad for a Netflix blind watch. Some good character design and costumes. Worth a watch if anyone has a blank spot in their list.”

Amy Herring: DABBE

Very compelling. Good twists and turns and the mystery keeps winding up. I don’t like found footage/docu style though, and had I realized it was this I probably wouldn’t have begun but it was compelling early enough that I was too curious to stop and try something else. I may investigate the two others on Netflix, we’ll see how this one sits.”

Jay Walker: CHILLERAMA (Prime)

“Uh. Well. This is a movie.
Tbh it’s pretty fun and hilarious schlock. 3 goofy ass stories (Wadzilla was the best, IMO) with lots of awful CGI and equally bad prop FX, a whole lotta dongs, and more “wow wtf” than you can shake a stick (or severed pp) at.
An entertaining homage to some classic horror.
Worth watching if you’re in the mood for something hilariously bad on purpose.”

Day 58/43 – September 18th


“Cute movie, good kid’s film, liked it but didn’t love it.”

Bob: BAD MOON (1996, Shudder)

Ridiculous but entertaining werewolf movie. I liked the family dynamic. Gore was great too!


” I actually really liked this one. The first Strangers is one of the better horror flicks to come out of the 2000’s and while this doesn’t reach the heights of the first it does provide a worthy follow up that largely avoids the pitfalls of a sequel. The pool scene is worth watching the film for by itself.”


” Teen version of the Stepford Wives, in essence. Not the worst thing ever, but a somewhat painful watch, especially in the beginning and end when actual dialogue and acting was being attempted and no distracting action. If I’d watched it back in the 90’s I might have some affection for it now, but teens (or 20 somethings) caricaturing teens and dialogue that tries so hard to be clever it’s cumbersome makes this one an eye-roller for me.”

Robin Lindsey: Simon, King of the Witches (1971).

“This is billed as horror, but that’s a pretty big stretch. It’s essentially just a fictionalized ceremonial magician exploitation film. It’s not terrible, but it’s not got a lot going on, either. Each act is pretty much a separate story with a minimum of cohesiveness. Still, glad I watched it.”

Brien Gorham: THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE (2019, Theatres)

“I’m sure this movie is going to spark a lot of discussion, but I really liked it. There’s a lot of humor especially in the first half. The last act is exactly what I wanted from a Lovecraft adaptation.”

Jay Walker: THE SUCKLING (Tubi)

“Watched this a little bit ago, trying to catch up on posts since I’ve been sidetracked finishing school.
Ya know, for as promising as the plot summary was, I expected this to be a lot more horrific… but still an interesting, fairly unique concept. And of course, the crazy monster FX I love. A bit of a slow burn initially, but once it kicks in, it’s a fun mutant creature flick.”

Day 57/44 – September 17th

Kim: 3 FROM HELL (2019, Theatrical)

“Planning to get a review written for City of Geek but I’ll say that, though not as strong a film as Devil’s Rejects, I found it thoroughly entertaining overall and was impressed by Sheri Moon Zombie’s acting, and I didn’t think I would ever say that.”

Full Review

Bob 3 FROM HELL (2019, Theatrical)

“I enjoyed it, although I many elements didn’t work. Loved seeing the characters again, even if the story and drive was rather lacking. Sheri Moon Zombie does a surprisingly great job.”

Full Review


“Basically what happens when a semi truck driven by an Edgar Allen Poe cosplayer carrying a Giallo film crashes into a factory of family dramas. The resulting explosion creates this incredibly fucked up and delightfully absurd flick that leaves anything decent at the door. This is another one that oozes sleaze onto your screen for 90 minutes. Would definitely recommend for any Giallo fan!”

Robin Lindsey: CITADEL (2012)

“Pretty good Irish film about some infected/feral/demon kids terrorizing a dying neighborhood. The lead actor is great. It’s not super graphic or violent, just a low-key character piece. Worth a look on Shudder.”

Amy Herring: PAPERHOUSE (1989)

“Quite strange and lovely. Lots of metaphor. Reminds me of Mirror Mask although less fantastical. Some sources listed it in the horror category, among others, but I think it turned out only to have one moment that would qualify it for that category.”

Brien Gorham: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (2019, Shudder)

“BRILLIANT movie. I will say nothing more. The less you know going into this one, the better. Just sit back and enjoy.”

Jay Walker: PUMPKINHEAD (1988)
“I haven’t seen this since I was super young and I don’t think I ever finished it.
Some really cool creature fx and at first glance I thought his tail was his pp so that was hilarious 😂”

Day 56/45 – September 16th

Kim I’LL TAKE YOUR DEAD (2019, Showtime)

“I feel like I’m gonna jinx myself because I’ve been really digging the last few movies I’ve watched. Really interesting story, good cast, a bit predictable but worth the watch.”

Bob – FREAKS (2019, Theatrical)

SEE THIS MOVIE. Don’t look it up. Just see it. (if you want SOME info – my review below is spoiler free) Review launch page with further comments.


“Without a doubt one of the sleaziest Giallo flicks I’ve ever seen and one sure to be on my guilty pleasures list. Pretty much what would happen if Giallo essence was melted on a spoon and injected straight into the veins of a half naked homeless man on a Denny’s toilet at 2AM. 10/10 would indulge again.”

Amy Herring: IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1995)

“Good, weird fun.”

Brien Gorham: THE BLOOD SPLATTERED BRIDE (1972, Prime)

“In which a much younger woman is drawn toward more and more violent impulses against the older man in her life. This movie has some amazing surreal sequences. It has a similar overtone to Hands of the Ripper, perhaps even more overtly.” 

Robin Lindsey: 1st Summoning (Netflix, 2019)

“I have regrets. The filmmakers should also have regrets. Found footage movie that had a touch of promise until you realize that these “award winning” documentary film makers are complete and utter hacks who can’t get a clean audio track or proper b-roll to save their lives. Hell, all of their footage would be unusable. Not worth the time.”


“I loved this one (aside from the silver shamrock theme song over and over). I really like the idea of doing these as an anthology, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Day 55/46 – September 15th

Kim GHOSTLIGHT (2018, Shudder)

I found this utterly charming. It might be the theatre nerd in me or the MacBeth nerd but I thought this was a really fun, quirky little film with a fabulous cast.

Bob – INCIDENT IN A GHOSTLAND (2018, Shudder)

From the director of MARTYRS. Yes, a very high bar to jump. Ghostland is a very well made, twisty flick with a great look and very good performances. My only real issue comes in my continued annoyance in using shifting realities as a way to avoid telling things cohesively. Doesn’t need to add up if no one is sane right? But I did really enjoy the movie.


“Basically what happens if you take LSD and watch Dracula.”

Brien Gorham: THE HANDS OF THE RIPPER (1971, Shudder)

” I wasn’t sure what this was going to be, but there’s a complexity to the motivations of the characters – especially the “noble” doctor – that makes this a fascinating character study. The whole movie has this overtone of male control over women, which is why I was surprised when I started watching…”

Robin Lindsey: DR. GIGGLES (1992)

“Ah, early 90s horror. While Larry Drake’s maniacal giggle is 100% amazing, I feel like this movie never quite figured out what it wanted to be. Maybe having the KNB gore that the MPAA had them cut out put back in would help, but it’s just kinda meh. Not a lot of likeable characters.”

Amy Herring THE DOLL (Indonesia, Netflix)

” I decided to give this franchise a try because I like Rocky Soraya ok (Third Eye) but meh. It’s the Indonesian version of every doll possession movie. I thought spirit itself has some creepy moments, but otherwise I was bored.”

Jay Walker: TRICK OR TREATS (Tubi)

This movie stopped being fun 😂 no, but I watched this the other day and don’t remember much about it already.
It’s meh. The hair metal one was a lot more interesting

Day 54/47 – September 14th


I actually really enjoyed this. Thought the acting was great and visually interesting. Also awesome use of music.

Bob- SON OF GODZILLA (1967, Starz)

First off, Minilla looks awful. Ugh. obviously aimed at children so it looks rather cartoony and silly. But still kinda fun.


” Another Martino recommended by my Italian horror brother Anthony James Kay, this action horror movie blends a ton of crazy shit into a fine fish smoothie! I saw the Screamers version myself but there are an abundance of different versions and cuts of this one to suit anyone’s Fishmen needs. The cast is fucking staggering with Richard Johnson, Joseph Cotten, Barbara Bach and Claudio Cassinelli giving their collective all on the titular “Island of the Fishmen” filled with people in fish costumes. Watch now for campy fish fun on Prime!”

Amy Herring – THE DEAD DON’T DIE (2019)

” I think this movie was attacked by wild animals. Or maybe several wild animals. I was amused throughout. I feel it didn’t keep up the promise/energy it had in the beginning of the film but I love the slow motion train wreck it is. After all, it’s not going to end well.”

Brien Gorham: OLDBOY (2003)

“Confession: As much as I love Korean horror, this one has lingered on my periphery for years. I already knew a lot about the movie (including the big twist…sigh…), but I was still thoroughly enthralled by this movie. Both this and I Saw the Devil are two of the best takes on revenge I’ve seen in modern times. American films tend to celebrate revenge. These movies are all about the devastation of revenge on all parties involved – and on the innocents caught in the crossfire. Brilliant movie.”

Robin Lindsey: INNOCENT BLOOD (1992)

” I’ve wanted to see this movie for years based on the premise… I just had no idea it was a John Landis movie. So, while I did like it well enough, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Kudos to Landis for all the horror cameos (Savini! Raimi! Argento!), but what the hell was up with the closing credits?”

Jay Walker: HAUNTEDWEEN (YouTube)

“Silly goose SOV style slasher. Spooktacular spookfest. Applicable this time of year.
Frat party slasher trope, but Pretty fun. kind of a slow burn, but decent story”

Day 53/48 – September 13th


“Actually really interesting little film. A woman taking revenge on the ancestors that put her ancestor to death for being a witch. Not afraid to draw moments out and really take its time.”

Bob: AMONG THE SHADOWS (2019, Netflix disc)

“Aka the Werewolf movie featuring Lindsay Lohan greenscreened into other scenes. We laughed at the trailer earlier this year and then promptly forgot about it until I got it from netflix. This is boring shit film that feels like they filmed it in 2002 (blue filters! eastern europe!) and edited in Lindsay Lohan and Brexit references this year. Everything has been done before better. Vampires and werewolves exist and are in a uneasy truce and are in power situations across Europe. A PM is murdered and grumbly vampire lady in leather has to solve the easy mystery. And as we reach climax of the film, it ends… before the climax.”

Cody: TORSO (1973)

“An incredible Giallo serves as my second reference point for the masterful Sergio Martino’s catalog. When a movie gets a strong recommendation from Anthony James Kay I can almost guarantee it’s going to be amazing and this was no different. Gruesome kills, good mystery, creepy killer and an insane last half hour propel this one into my top Giallo reccomendations! On Prime and worth a watch for sure!”

Amy Herring: THE WRAITH (2018, SHUDDER)

“I am not sure if I liked this one or not. I never felt truly engaged and it seemed a little slow until about 2/3 in. Also a torture scene that I would have rather not seen but is at least related to the plot.”

Robin Lindsey: THE INVITATION (2015)

” This is more thriller than horror, but I’m counting it anyway because I really, really liked it. It even has my favorite Tom Hardy look-alike, Logan Marshall-Green! Great buildup with all the social awkwardness and paranoia you could want. I recommend.”

Brien Gorham: THE HOUSE ON ELM LAKE (tubi, 2017)

“This has all the trappings of “family moves into house with dark history and dad goes crazy” movie — only so much darker. A good chunk of the film felt very “been there, done that”, but the last act was violent and cruel to the point of being unenjoyable for me.”

Jay Walker – TRICK OR TREAT (1986)

“I actually liked this. And not a drop of blood… no gore whatsoever. It was just a fun, zany, action-packed adventure with lots of hair metal. Neat.”

Day 52/49 – September 12th

Kim: LITTLE EVIL (2017, Netflix)

“Been meaning to watch this since it came out. Cute movie, Adam Scott does a great job being Adam Scott. Fun little watch.”


“This one got a MST3k! But I watched regular edition. Godzilla vs a Crab Monster. The innovation this time comes in underwater battles! That’s pretty cool!”


“Another incredibly dumb but incredibly entertaining slasher. Loved that they brought back Pamela Springsteen. She really kills it in this role and I relished another chance to see her slaughter a path through yet another Summer Camp! On Prime and totally worth a watch!”

Brien Gorham: BLOOD (1973, Prime)

” I had never heard of this film or its director, Andy Milligan, before stumbling across this on Amazon Prime. This deserves to hold a place amongst Plan 9 from Outer Space and The Room. Apparently this guy went from shooting exploitation films to shooting low budget horror at his Victorian mansion in Staten Island. He wrote, directed, did set design – everything – and it shows. It really shows. This movie makes almost no sense at all. This weird doctor is traveling with his sick wife (I really don’t want to spoil the twists because, wow, they are ridiculous) and is accompanied by his assistant and her husband and Carlotta – who just needs to be seen to be believed because she is the spiritual successor to Torgo. From there the plot kind of deals with his dispute with his father’s potentially shady lawyer? I’m not really sure. There are so many plot threads, yet so little story. It is truly something to behold. I just really need people to see this movie.”

Amy Herring: LITTLE EVIL (2017, Netflix)

Amusing story about what happens when you give the antichrist a loving and protective role model. Cheeky, and fun yet nothing super special. Loved Clancy Brown in his role.

Robin Lindsey: DEAD SET (2008)

” I’ve started this one a couple of times before, but never gotten past the 2nd episode. Pretty good. Some great zombie makeups and I love the way they set the whole thing up at the beginning.”

Jay Walker: ROCKTOBER BLOOD (Youtube)

“This thrasher-slasher, rocker-stalker is just nonsensical, silly goose, 80s hair metal doodie.
I dunno wtf was going on, but it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from an 80s cult fav slasher. Worth a watch for the bad one liners, I guess. It’s silly.”

Day 51/50- September 11th 

WE’RE HALFWAY THERE!!! Let’s go party! In that old, abandoned mausoleum on the hill! What can go wrong?


“This is one I’ve never seen in its entirety but kept meaning to. Some cool visuals but a little underwhelmed. I think I prefer the Ringu/Ring series more.”

Now the monsters to to space to fight Ghidorah! More of the same, fun, but meshed in my head with the last one. The look on Big G’s face as he stuck in a space bubble is wonderful

Cody: IT CHAPTER 2 (Theatrical, 2019)

“A very worthy follow up to the masterpiece that was part one. The adult Losers Club were masterfully cast and while they relied a bit to heavily on the kids from part one it was good to see them back too. The film leaned a little too heavy on humor which took too much edge off the scares. But those are relatively minor gripes as the film delivers a satisfactory conclusion to Pennywise and crew. Definitely worth a watch in theaters!”

Brien Gorham: DAN CURTIS’ DRACULA (1974, Prime)

“Somehow this one has slipped by me all these years. There’s a lot to like about this movie. At 97 minutes, it’s a tight and clever adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel. Yes, it takes quite a few liberties, but by removing several characters and simplifying the plot, it creates a pretty taut and terrifying take on the story. Jack Palance hisses and storms his way as a charismatic, yet monstrous version of Dracula. My one big qualm with the movie is that it is very male forward. The female characters are treated dismissively and Mina has almost no purpose outside of being a victim – an aspect I would love to discuss with people who have seen it.”


“It is not clear to me what this movie has to do with Connecticut. The moral clue by fours were rampant (and yet, there was a handy flashback of all the pertinent moments just in case you had your eyes closed during the entire film), and my inner peanut gallery was compelled to make a few comments, and despite all that, the movie was … ok. 

Robin Lindsey: CONTAMINATION (1980)

“Catching up on the couple of Joe Bob episodes that I missed. This is a fairly standard, but kind of tame after the opening, early 80s Italian horror flick. I really liked the monster design in a nostalgic, fun kind of way… but otherwise there wasn’t a whole lot to be excited about.”

Jay Walker: FIST OF JESUS (Vimeo, Youtube)

“I dunno if shorts count here (it’s 15 min), but this is a damn fine short film. I’m not sure it would work on a full-length feature.

Anyway, I can’t recommend this bloodbath of a “Jesus fights Zombies” flick enough. It’s hilarious, blood-soaked, and very unique & creative.”


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