100 Days of Horror 2019 Master Post

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Day 40/61: August 31st

Kim: OVERLORD (2018)

“I liked this, I didn’t love it. It had a very video game feel to it, and it moves quick. Fun but not super deep movie.”

Bob: RODAN (1966, Library Disc)

“RODAN was a weak Kaiju movie. Really takes a long time to get moving. Not in the good way like 54’s Godzilla with teases and building; but in that after a long time with a larval state hanging out, then a few secret repetitious attacks. the two rodan don’t enter the picture until like an hour in.”


“Eh. Nothing really bad about this one but nothing good either. It tries too hard to be funny and “aware” of its slasher status. I will say Robert Englund and Clint Howard do a wonderful job in their limited screentime. It’s streaming on Prime if you are feeling like pure mediocrity.”

Brien Gorham:  Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019, Netflix)

“This one seems more horror adjacent, but any film about Ted Bundy seems appropriate for this group. I don’t know if the movie totally fulfills its purpose and at times the focus of the movie is a little unclear, but it features strong performances from Zac Efron and John Malkovich. The main problem for me is that move bills itself as Ted Bundy’s crimes from the perspective of his unsuspecting girlfriend and is even framed that way from the beginning, yet much of the film is very much from Bundy’s unreliable point of view – which itself makes for great storytelling. I enjoyed it a lot, even with the uneven narrative focus.”

Amy Herring: THE POSSESSION (2012)

” Technically nothing super special, but I liked it. Familiar story… girl finds box, is possessed by demon from box, needs to be exorcised. I love occult stuff and good main actors so this was right up my alley.”

Robin Lindsey: BLOOD FEST (2018)

” I was a little wary going into this one as horror comedies, especially self-referential ones, can be either really good or really bad. Luckily, this one was actually pretty good. Granted, it is very heavy handed with the references, but still enjoyable. I could see someone who’s not as big a genre fan not liking it as much. Worth a go, though.”

Day 39/62: August 30th


“This movie was utterly ridiculous (the Avant-Garde ballet bit at the beginning is worth the price of admission) but it has moments of some really interesting camera work. The plot though…”

Bob: PATRICK (1978, Prime)

“This Australian shocker does a lot with what could be little – a nurse begins to work at an odd clinic dealing with coma patients. One in particular has telepathic powers. Too bad he’s homicidal and will stop at nothing to kill everyone between himself and the nurse. Glad to finally fill in this almost forgotten notable film. the Sequel and Remake will be popping up soon.”

Cody: FUNLAND (1987)

“Imagine you are surfing Amazon Prime for something to watch and you see this poster listed under horror. You think “this looks like an interesting forgotten slasher” but to your horror you discover its hidden secret. This is 90 percent screwball comedy/midlife crisis and 10 percent Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley going postal. Seriously, what the fuck even is this film, I don’t even recommend it because of the absolute shit comedy you have to sit through to get to the interesting parts. Also fun fact Donald Trump’s second wife Marla Maples is in this, marking the first time she was in close proximity to a deranged clown.”

Amy Herring: IT (2017)

” I never did see this, nor the original, but was entertained and enjoyed it. Fantastic visuals. Loved the Goonie undertone”

Robin Lindsey: CULT OF CHUCKY (2017)

” I really enjoyed it. The twist of them being in a mental hospital, where no one’s going to believe stories of a walking, talking, murderous doll, was a good one. You saw so much more of her dad in Fiona’s Dourif’s performance this time around.”

Brien Gorham: SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE 2 (1987 Shudder)

“I don’t think there’s an adequate way to explain the plot of this movie, not in way that captures the full absurdity of this dumpster fire (and I use that term with great affection). It’s a direct sequel to Slumber Party Massacre and picks up a few years later with Valerie’s younger sister, who is having strange dreams of a rockabilly-type who has a guitar with a drill on the end. At the height of the movie, he actually breaks into song and dance while chasing down his victims. I don’t know, man… I just don’t know. I think this one broke my brain a little. Here’s the NSFW and somewhat spoiler heavy trailer if you really want to take a look…”

Jay Walker: SLAYER (Tubi)

“Despite how much love this gets in the vhs groups, I thought this was a real dud.
Another cliche venture into the “going to the vacation house for a season in the abyss” schpiel.
The Angel of death wears a dead skin mask, and is repentless on raining blood from…
you get the bit. 😂
Anyway, real snooze fest, I didn’t finish it.
And there are actually no Slayer songs in it.”

Day 38/63: August 29th

“I actually really enjoyed this. I think the extremely strong cast elevated it and found the setting beautifully shot, and the plot engaging. I love a good period murder mystery.”

Bob: DON’T LET GO (2019, Theatrical)

Frustrating. Review on its own page. 

Brien Gorham: AVENGED (Tubi)

 I remember when this came out a few years ago and read some decent reviews on it. It’s a revenge story with a supernatural twist, like a gender-swapped version of The Crow. It has some good moments in it – some great practical effects and fight sequences. I like the protagonists in the movie. The villains are pretty generic racist/sexist toads. The digital effects hurt me in my heart and diminished the look of the film somewhat – thankfully the film relies more on its practical effects and the digital moments are limited.

Cody: SEE NO EVIL 2 (2014)

“I mean it’s significantly better than the first one but that is not a high bar to clear. Overall it’s a pretty typical slasher product but a strong cast including Katherine Isabelle and Danielle Harris boost it out of mediocrity into hey, this was actually pretty good! Kane once again is a formidable and frankly creepy villain and is given more time to breath in the role. Free to stream on Tubi and honestly worth a watch.”

Robin Lindsdey: LIFE AFTER BETH (2014)

“A fun take on the zombie mythos. A few little throwaways to zombie tropes that they never fully focus on, but are fun to spot. Aubrey Plaza is great because, as always, she gives zero shits and goes all in for the role.”

Amy Herring: DRAG ME TO HELL (2009)

“Sam Raimi’s influence is delightfully obvious in every pore of this movie. It was more disgusting than I prefer (not a surprise tho) but mostly, fantastic fun.”

Jay Walker: YOU’RE NEXT (Shudder)

“Two things I love: a good dinner-time sibling rivalry between Zach Galifanikis and Michael Ian Black, and creepy animal masks. Creepy animal masks are sweet.
Surprised it took me this long to get to this one. Overall, a good flick. Above average. 3.75 out of 5 stars. Enjoyable.”

Evan Peterson: DEMONS (1985)

“Hell yes. An Argento script, Lamberto Bava directing, and I love when Argento does dumb supernatural horror. Are they demons? Are they zombies? Who cares? Lots of creamy, slimy, sticky practical effects.”

Day 37/64: August 28th

Kim: DON’T LET GO (2019, Theatrical)

“Interesting idea, but frustrating movie. A lot of missed opportunity with pacing issues and painful dialogue.”


“Funny this popping up for many of us – thanks Shudder. Great early satire of the genre, filled with silliness, nudity, and blood. Much fun.”

Cody: SEE NO EVIL (2006)

“This has been on my list to watch forever and Honestly the film is a shitty slasher filled to the brim with jump cuts and mid 2000’s puke yellow lighting. WWE Superstar Kane however is an incredible villain and thankfully gets the chance to take up the role again. The most interesting thing about this one is that WWE CEO and certified madman Vince McMahon originally wanted Kane’s character to have a 7 foot long penis he used to kill people with. It apparently took the writers weeks to get him to abandon this idea but I like to think in an alternate universe Kane’s turn as the penis strangler is looked upon fondly by all.”

Brien Gorham: DEAD BODY (Shudder, 2017)

” I stumbled into this one blind. It seems to have some connection to the Pacific Northwest and maybe that’s part of why I have a fondness for this film. Or maybe it’s because it pulled off a familiar premise with skill. I found myself enjoying this film far more than I expected to: some good gore effects and a few nice twists (even though I guessed the killer early on.)”

Robin Lindsey: THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART II (1984)

” Despite it’s many (many, many) flaws, I had fun with this one. What follows will be a very SPOILER filled list of things I found amusing:

– They seem to know an awful lot about the original attacks… Without realizing they are best friends with two (three?) of the survivors.
– Dog flashback
– Guys riding off blindly into the desert at high speed after a wildman who lives there.
– Hey, our friends are missing and it’s now dark out. Let’s setup pranks for when they come back!
– Dog flashback
– Body falling out of a cupboard/fridge with no bottom.
– How do you know you’re hiding when you’re in an unfamiliar place and you’re blind?
– Super elaborate trap in 0 time. And it works perfectly.

And finally…

– Fucking dog flashback”

Amy Herring: THE MESSENGERS (2007)

“It’s nowhere near love, but it’s definitely like. I like the actors (except for Kristen Stewart)* and the scares were my kind of scares, although overdone as to work against themselves. I think I’d like it less, honestly though, if I weren’t probably just relieved to find a film that’s not boring trash (this challenge is becoming more challenging!)”


“I dunno if this counts 🤷🏻‍♂️ Everything is Terrible’s hilariously blasphemous ode to satan, horror, and creepy kids shows intertwined with religious propaganda.
To be fair, there’s more gore, hilarity, and wtf in this than most full-length features. It also has clips from all your favs (Society, Street Trash, Witchcraft, Rock n Roll Nightmare, etc).
Hilarious from start to finish.”

Evan Peterson: CHILLERAMA (2011)

Well, shit. This is a comedy in horror’s day robe. The wrap-around story is a shit pile, but the first three films-within-the-film are a lot of fun and delightfully bad taste. I turned off the final short because it was literally just people defecating. So: I give it simultaneously 3.5 stars and zero stars. I do love that there’s an unapologetically and relentlessly gay short in there starring pornstar-cum-actor-cum-pornstar Brent Corrigan.

Day 36/65: August 27th


“One I’ve been meaning to watch forever. Amazing cast. Jack Nicholson is obviously enjoying himself.”

Bob: I TRAPPED THE DEVIL (2019, Hulu)

Well done, single location 4 person bottle movie. A man believes he has done the title when his brother and sister-in-law show up on Christmas. Great character work as they work out their personal issues and the one in the basement.


” A surprisingly fresh take on a largely rotting genre. The brilliant Vicious Brothers(Grave Encounters) bring to life the zombie film with a very rich and deep character study of our main heroine played by the incredible Brittany Allen in a delightful performance! The film does a great job blending tired zombie tropes into a brain pleasing, expectation defying trip though a desert in the early stages of a Zombie apocalypse. One of my favorite early apocalypse films I’ve seen and worth a watch on Shudder!”

Brien Gorham: SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE (1982, Shudder)

“As an east American slasher, it borrows heavily from Halloween, but it also has its own unique additions. It’s a movie that wears its phallic imagery on its sleeve.”

Amy Herring: SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS (1971, Italy – English dubbed)

” Is there anything weirder than Italian 70s horror? Probably but man, it’s whacked. Mostly slow, mystery/thriller with a whackjob ending to kick it into horror. I *think* I liked it?”

Robin Lindsey: SCHIZO (1976)

“An ok British semi-slasher. Maybe it’s just the jaded-ness of seeing so many of the movies that came later, but it was pretty predictable.”

Jay Walker: NIGHT BEAST (1982, Tubi)

“This movie is a lot of fun. Really wild, insane 80s alien slasher kinda vibe with goofy lazer shoot outs and a good helping of gore.
Really enjoyable flick”

Evan Peterson: CHILD’S PLAY (2019)

” I love this. Way more than I expected to. The humor is on point, the update is timely, and the cast does a great job. Very creative kills too! I was pissed when they killed off [[SPOILER]], but I get that Chucky has to kill SOMEONE who didn’t have it coming so that we won’t root for him.”

Day 35/66: August 26th


“One that has been on my list to watch forever. Adaption has actually held up really well and feels a little too on point today…”

Bob: GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (1954, My own copy)

“The first of many sequels to Godzilla. Like Son of Kong, came six months after the original, rushed into production. Unlike SON OF KONG, it does not feel like a rushed cash grab. Features the first monster vs monster fight of the franchise which is both cool and rather cheesy as the necks and jaws flap about, but it isnt’ just done quickly and let go, it goes on and I liked that. Speaking of effects – the still shot of Godzilla (the second, since the first died in the original film) on the iceberg is super weird as it’s obviously a model standing still. I”m working through the series now, so expect more Godzilla (and Kong)”


“Yeesh, even I think this one is in bad taste. Surprisingly, Lizzie Mcguire isn’t the best choice to portray Sharon Tate and gives a baffling performance that would be more at home in a spoof film rather than the serious film attempted here. It’s both fucking terrible and on Prime if you are feeling particularly masochistic.”

Brien Gorham: HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP (1980, Shudder)

“I kind of love the creature design in this one. The sea monsters look like jacked up Sleestak. It opens with a bang, then spends about 30 minutes on the internal politics of the town before focusing again on our fishy friends. On one hand it’s just a movie about angry gill men taking on a fishing village. But really it’s about the things that unite and divide us. It’s about the power of science and it’s destructive and unintended consequences. In short, it is the story of us. Or maybe it’s just the angry fish man thing.”

Amy Herring: STICKMAN (2017)

“Unspecial. Cliche after cliche brings nothing new. Imaginary beast from a poem comes to kill you and your friends one by one. Just cuz. Snore.”

Robin Lindsey:  Hagazussa (2018).

“This is definitely not for everyone. If you love The Witch, then give this one a go. I, however, did not love The Witch and this one left me wanting, as well. Some really great imagery, but that’s about all it had for me.”

Jay Walker: SLIME CITY (1988, Youtube)

“I love this movie SOO much! It’s just amazing from start to finish! I can’t recommend it enough. Problem is I dunno where to find it free, but it’s like $2 on Youtube (link in comments) and worth every penny.

Late 80’s, absolutely mad shitshow of body melt goodness and goofy, zany, over-the-top cheap FX. It’s melty, like REALLY melty, throughout the whole thing.
The story line is clever and unique, and draws you in. The acting is, well, what you’d expect from 80’s cheese, but its still enjoyable, and well presented.
The ending is *THE* single most bat-shit crazy ending I’ve seen (next to Society of course).
Add this to your list! You won’t be disappointed (unless you don’t like 80s cheesy melt movies for some reason).”

Evan Peterson: HEADHUNTER

” Gorgeous cinematography. I think this one was recommended here. This is a horror film. This is a historical high fantasy film. This is an art film. And it works! Basically only one cast member, this is a slow and quiet build (not even quite a burn), and totally worth it if you love monsters, Vikings, Dungeons and Dragons, Tolkien, and fllms that don’t spoon-feed you the exposition.”

Day 34/67: August 25th

Kim: SOUL TO KEEP (2019, Netflix)

“I went into this with absolutely zero expectations and really enjoyed it. Very solid flick, and great performances. Sandra Mae Frank as Tara was fantastic and I loved that many of the actors were signing lines without question since her character was deaf.”

Bob: MONSTER PARTY (2019, Shudder)

– FUCK YES This movie hit all my right button. Hilarious, gory, and gleeful in its manic bloody orgy. DONT’ BREATHE meets READY OR NOT as three thieves get themselves set up as caterers in a gathering of rich people – they turn out to be serial killers in recovery. When blood is spilled, their bloodlust comes on hard as they fight each other and the thieves.

Cody: READY OR NOT (2019, theatrical)

” One of my favorite films of this year! Absolute Horror comedy fun and still in theaters. Recommend seeing it before it leaves theatrically!!!!”

Brien Gorham: BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF (2014, Prime)

“Silly, low budget fun. The title tells you what you’re in for. Based on a comic book, it’s about a guy who makes a deal with the devil and ends up a werewolf. Why? Does it really matter?”

Robin Lindsey: STREET TRASH (1987)

“This is a movie that I’ve seen parts of a few different times, but never the full movie through. A lot of the effects in this are surprisingly good. Definitely best as a watch with other people movie.”

Amy Herring: Astral (Hulu)
” After watching, I read a review that said “less than the sum of its parts” and I think I agree. This has a lot of lovely nuggets in themselves (and a few lame ones) but built too slow considering it ended up not getting anywhere. The ending seems like it’s supposed to be some kind of reveal but what it reveals is not really meaningful, just slightly interesting. If it’d led somewhere, that would have been something. Darn.”


This is a lo-fi/SOV/bad FX gorehound’s dream come true.
Seriously, the FX are so bad it’s hilarious. You have to check it out just to see. I don’t wanna spoil anything but, lol. just buckle up for the most hilariously bad gore FX you’ll ever see in a film.
I know Troll II gets a lot of credit as the “best worst movie ever”, which is fair, but this surpasses the awfulness and cheapness and holy F did I mention the FX? 🤣 The firecracker scene alone was worth the watch (Or if you follow REC. Stop they posted it the other day).
This is so bananas. I don’t even know what else to say.”

Evan Peterson: ALIEN 3 – The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson (book)

” this is a pretty fun graphic novel, especially if you’re a die hard ALIEN franchise fan like I am. Completely different than Fincher’s film, this sees the survivors of the second film caught in a biological arms race between Weyland Yutani and the Space Socialists. The genetic engineering and evolution of the xenomorphs absolutely foreshadows the black oil in PROMETHEUS and COVENANT. Spoiler: Ripley spends the whole story in a coma 

Day 33/68: August 24th


“I enjoyed this overall. Oz Perkin’s continues to craft really beautiful visuals and interesting stories. I think I preferred, “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House” better, but still an enjoyable watch.”

Bob: BODY AT BRIGHTON ROCK (2019, Netflix disc)

” A really well done nearly single location flick – an inexperienced young ranger has to spend the night lost on a mountain with a dead body. A bear may be around. Very good performance for a woman stuck alone, mostly – and straight up thrilling and surprising. I loved it.”

Cody: ALL HALLOWS EVE 2 (2015)

” I mean it was at least better than the first one, Art the Clown was thankfully nowhere to be seen. More shorts than the last one and better quality but that’s not saying much. It’s on Prime and a decent option if you are looking for something to throw on in the background doing chores.”

Brien Gorham: BAD MOON (1996, Shudder)

“(aka Eddie and the Cruisers 3: Eddie Howls) – Werewolf Film from the 90s with Mariel Hemingway and Michael Pare. Man, werewolf movies are hard to pull off. It wasn’t the worst werewolf makeup, but maybe keeping it in the shadows a bit more might have been a good choice. Thor the dog steals the show.”

Amy Herring: THE KEEP (1981)

“Star studded! Ended up more sci-fi than horror, though, even though it’s listed in both categories. Pretty good movie though and some 80s synth/laser awesomeness.”

Robin Lindsey: PATIENT ZERO (2018)

” It’s so weird hearing a Boston-ish accent come out of Matt Smith’s mouth. This is ok. Nothing spectacular, but the premise is interesting and there’s some worthwhile actors in it.”

Jay Walker: CHEMICAL PEEL (Tubi, Prime)

“So ever since I had the pleasure of viewing the greatest horror film of all time (it’s Street Trash), I’ve been a huge fanboy of melt movies and body horror. Unfortunately, there really aren’t many in the melt genre (open to suggestions).

With a title like “Chemical Peel”, I instantaneously had Planet Terror-esque visions of people melting into gooey piles of gore.

The synopsis of a train wreck causing a toxic chemical spill conjured up all kinds of Return of the Living Dead vibes (2nd best horror film ever).

Obviously I clicked ‘Watch’ right away.


The dialogue is so bad it feels like a middle-schooler wrote it. Completely unbelievable and cringe-worthy the whole way through. Nothing but people arguing. There are no glorious melts. There’s just shitty dialogue and some kinda fog…or…? I dunno not gunna spoil it if anyone wants to watch this, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not gory in the slightest. Mostly just bad makeup and incredibly bad acting.

I turned it off from boredom, so if I missed some glorious conclusion where all of the cast just simultaneously oozes into piles of bloody goo, in an over-the-top, graphic finale, then please lmk.


Evan Peterson: TALES OF HALLOWEEN (anthology, Prime):

I wanted to like this more than I did. It’s got some hit-or-miss segments, and it is overflowing with cameos, from directors to authors to Felissa Rose. Some of the segments were dumb sketches or proof-of-concept stuff, others stood on their own.

Day 32/69: August 23rd


“This was…fine. Not terrible but nothing ground breaking A solid cast helps elevate it but not one to rush out and see.”

Bob SLASHER SEASON 3 (2019, Netflix)

“Completes the show as so far. Residents of an apartment complex are being killed over summer solstice – one year after one of their own was brutally murdered with no one helping. It’s fine. Got some good set ups and characters. Some nasty elements I liked. BILL MOSELY shows up for two episodes, but sadly leaves after the early appearance. Season 2 was the strongest of the 3.”


“You watch this movie and tell me there’s a God. No omnipotent being would allow this abomination to exist.”

Robin Lindsey: DERANGED (1974)

” A fictionalized telling of the Ed Gein story. The corpses in this look really good. Unsurprising as it’s Tom Savini’s first makeup credit. Overall, pretty good. Roberts Blossom is great in this. There’s one particular scene involving a girl walking into a house that was actually nicely creepy.”

Brien Gorham: SATANIC PANIC (2019, Theatrical)

“Got to see an advanced screening of this one at the Egyptian in LA tonight. If you liked Deathgasm, this will speak to you. Insanely gory and dripping with inappropriate humor, this Grady Hendrix script directed by Chelsea Stardust delivers in a big way with strong female leads and ridiculous practical effects. Rebecca Romjin owns it. See this one in a theater with a big crowd if you can.”

Amy Herring:

” Ladronas de Almas. (Mexican, Netflix). Zombie flick that bored me a little too long at first but I think it redeemed itself as it went on. Lots of girl power. Amusing and awesome squibs. Darkly interesting take on why zombies were created but it’s only momentarily mentioned (the movie itself isn’t that deep).”

JAY WALKER: HI-8 (Prime)

“Really enjoyed this one! Anthology from some notorious SOV directors, including Tim Ritter (awesome) and Donald Farmer (ugh).

An homage to the old-school SOV slashers. Some really gritty, blood-soaked mayhem in these, and one or two that just seemed to go nowhere.

Really well put-together for an homage to low-budget. Intriguing (short) stories, creative, and a fun watch.”

Evan Peterson: TALES OF POE (2014, Prime):

I love the first two segments (Tell Tale Heart and Cask of Amontillado). The third I turned off because it was all surrealism and no plot. While the budget is low, they did a lot with it, and it’s full of original ideas. The Cask segment is thoroughly queer, featuring a trans actress in the lead. Also has a cameo from Desiree Gould, Aunt Martha herself from Sleepaway Camp, plus Adrienne King and Amy Steele from the Friday the 13th films, and even Randy Jones, the Cowboy from the Village People. Trust me, it’s better than it sounds and worth a watch.

DAY 31/70: August 22nd

Kim: READY OR NOT (2019, Theatrical)

“I adored this movie. Fun script, great acting, lots of humor, totally worth it. Also, totally reinforcing most of my ideas of marriage. Aunt Helene is my hero.”

Bob: 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED (2019, Theatrical)

Dumb fun. Not as good as the original or Crawl but fine enough for A-list or streaming.

Cody: KNIFE + HEART (2019, Shudder)

” I actually plan on doing a full write up on this for CityofGeek because I don’t feel I can do this justice in a blurb. A modern day Giallo masterpiece that not only lovingly tributes the past but carves out a bold future for one of my favorite horror genres. Available on Shudder and waiting to be seen!”

Brien Gorham: KNIFE + HEART (2019, Shudder)

This contemporary reinvention of the giallo delivers on some very strong character work combined with some ethereal visuals. It has a lot of the hallmarks you expect from a giallo but updated and more relevant for today’s audiences.”

Robin Lindsey: SCHOOL SPIRIT (2019, Hulu)

“Part of Hulu’s Into the Dark series. It’s basically “What if The Breakfast Club was a slasher movie?” Not terrible. I will admit it’s actually kind of strange seeing teenagers being played by what seem to be actual teenagers in a horror movie. And saying that, the acting is actually passable.”

Amy Herring: THE BYE BYE MAN (2017, Netflix)

“Despite a surprising appearance by a couple of good actors and an ok script, I still ended up kinda meh about this one.”

Jay Walker: KNIFE + HEART (2019, Shudder)
Honestly, this is one of the most visually stunning, aesthetic films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s like if a more sober Mandy met Gaspar Noe’s better visual works (not the spinning zoom nonsense) and collabed on an art project. Beautiful cinematography.

The plot was good enough. Modern play on the classic grudge-holding slasher. Kills weren’t anything special, and it wasn’t overly gory or bloody, but I think that honestly would’ve pulled from the allure of its art-house imagery and felt out of place. I enjoyed how the movie’s plot was woven into the movie within the movie, in real time.

Definitely worth a watch.”

Evan Peterson: AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE (Netflix, 2016): I loved this. It has the feel of a short story or tv episode in the pace and plot. Really creepy, and I love that the story unfolds as the coroners find each clue in the corpse. Great writing technique. It falls apart for me in act 3 as things get a little too magical and hand-wavy. But it’s a damn fine little horror film.


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