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Geeks are big all over!  As of right now, all of us are in Seattle. Who the hell are we? Read on!

Bob Foster:

Bob is a life long horror and sci-fi geek. He has BAs in Film Studies and English Literature from Seattle University and is working on his Master’s in Teaching. He’s performed in Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcasts for 18 years, and occasianlly acts in non-weirdo shows. Outside of this site, you can find him at watchplayread.com, his old site AGeekNamedBob.com, and achived at apexfan and ModernMythMedia. Bob is also a panelist at Crypticon and attendee of other conventions in the Pacific Northwest. He’s also a judge for the Crypticon Film Festival. Bob has a car that goes 88 miles per hour. Sadly, does not travel through time. He, his wife, and his cat live in Seattle, WA.

Kim Douthit:

Cody Mascho:

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