100 Days of Horror 2019 Master Post

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Day 30/71: August 21st


“Absolutely loved this. It’s been on my list for years and I’m so glad I finally watched it. Beautiful ghost story.”

Bob: THE LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN (1975, Library). The Made for TV take, not the boring one from last year. Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched stars as Lizzie. As a TV Movie, it is really well done, creating compelling story and a commanding performance.

Cody: MONSTER PARTY (2018, Shudder)

“I was surprised at how much I wound up liking this flick! Does a great job with a unique premise that subverts expectations while still providing a gory punch that is so satisfying. They also snagged Lance Reddick for it too and that’s always a win in my book! It’s on Shudder and definitely worth a watch!”

Amy Herring: EERIE (Netflix, 2018)

“Ticks all my favorite boxes: ghosts, foreign, occult/religious tones (in a convent), a twist of two, yeah. Good stuff.”


” I picked this one up from Vinegar Syndrome at Crypticon. It’s a Spanish giallo from 1973 that uses a lot of giallo tropes mixed in with some gothic overtones to craft an original and visually stunning movie. Like #70 below, it favors character development over plot. If you’re a giallo fan, make sure this one is on your list.”

Robin Lindsey: TOURIST TRAP (1979)

“This movie is so weird! The telekinesis angle is what makes it. Also, the way they interspersed live people in with mannequins was genius. In the end, though, this is a slasher with almost no blood, no nudity, and pacing issues. But, still worth a curiosity watch based on the crazy plotline.”

Jay Walker: MARTYRS (2015, Prime)

“Why’d they remake this? I’m confused.

The original is a true horror masterpiece in so many ways: over the top brutal, bloody as all hell, psychologically captivating, entrenching story-line and characters that pull you in and make you root for them, only to have it culminate in one of the most jarring and “sticks with you” finales I’ve seen in a long time.

So, I understand the appreciation, but this new cut just didn’t do it for me.

Did it capture the sentiment and plot of the original? Sure.

Was it still violent and gory? Sure, albeit a little less so.

Did it retain the ending scenarios that make the original such a “HOLY SHIT” spectacle that you almost want to turn away from? Yeah, I suppose.

But it just felt like a cheap copy; Like if Boost Mobile made their own iPhone knockoff, or something. Sure, I guess it checks the boxes, but just watch the original for the full-fledged effect.

Seriously. If you haven’t seen the original, put it on the watch list!

This one, meh, whatever.”

Evan Peterson: MESSIAH OF EVIL (1973, Prime)

“Ooooo Kay. This is an unusually artistic and meditative horror film for the time period. Light on plot, heavy on writing and mood. Clearly Lovecraft inspired (seaside town full of monsters, mysterious figure, occult events, diaries detailing a transformation). Add some irritating hippies and lots of illogical decisions, and we got ourselves a movie!”

Day 29/72: August 20th

Kim: YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER (2018, Shudder)

“Overall fun movie, although a little slow to start for me. A strong cast helps elevate it. Had a touch of Leslie Vernon in it. I wanted more Alyson Hannigan.”

Bob: PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG (2019, Shudder)

A slasher targets partying kids from a graduating class at a week long party. Great visuals, oddly sympathetic characters. I’m reminded of Slasher, likely as a just watched all three season but also heavily leans on “a few years ago, this group of people did something bad, now I get revenge”

Cody: POSSESSION (1981)

“Any description I give won’t do this one justice. Its batshit insanity must be seen to be believed.”

Robin Lindsey: READY OR NOT (2019, Theatrical)

For those that want to know nothing going in, just know that I walked out of the theater with a big grin on my face. This is horror comedy done right. I saw that this was a Radio Silence production during the opening credits and remembered that I really loved their V/H/S segment (the one about the guys trying to find the Halloween party). Looks like I’m going to have to watch their other stuff.

I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s opinions as they go see it.

Brien Gorham: THE TALL MAN (2012)

” I was foolish to ignore this when it first came out. Pascal Laugier’s follow-up to Martyrs has the same disorienting twists as his other films. It’s more conventional than Martyrs and Ghostland, but still a taut and well-made film. Like his other films, it’s hard to discuss without giving away spoilers, but it kept me engaged the whole time”


” I definitely preferred the first one but this one wasn’t a garbage fire or anything. I liked it ok.”

Jay Walker: SCREAMERS (Prime)

“I remember this cover vividly from back in ye olden vhs rental days. Never actually watched it until now.
It starts off with wacky mayhem, hilarious creatures, and wastes no time getting into the kills.
But…(sorta SPOILER alert)…then it goes on some full Indiana Jones shit.
What?! 😂
I guess if it were just creatures and kills it’d be like 30 min long, so they gotta throw some story in there.
Feels kinda disconnected and switches from wacky fun shitshow to wacky wtf is this storyline.
It’s fine. I don’t hate or love it.”

Evan Peterson: SLUGS (1988, Prime)

“No. I had hoped for some bio horror akin to THE NEST, but it’s just…slugs. Some fun body horror gore, but it’s a real bad film.


Day 28/73: August 19th


“This movie is a silly movie. Also, there’s a wolf”

Bob: SLASHER SEASON 2 (2017, Netflix)

“So much better than the first season. Better characters and backstory. Killer is almost as easy to figure out (I finished Season 3 and I’ll be vaguly spoilery – the killers seem to be the main characters who don’t get flashbacks….)”

Cody: THE LOVED ONES (2009)

 this was a surprise for me. All kinds of fucked up in so many ways and I loved every second of it. Definitely worth a watch!!!

Amy Herring: SILENT HILL (2006)

” I’ve never seen these – I didn’t play the video game way back when and I think I weirdly confused it with Resident Evil and just assumed it was another zombie movie, and never got around to it. Quite enjoyed it and will probably investigate the sequels, even though that’s rarely advisable, ha!”

Brien Gorham: HEAD (Prime)

” Ok, so technically, this is a movie within a fakehorror host program, but here’s the catch: it’s all puppets – foul-mouthed, horny, murderous puppets. The “feature” is a “slasher in the woods” story – and not a bad one at that. I’m not ashamed to say I developed a connection with those puppets. I felt their puppet pain. Did I have a crush on one of those puppets? I’m not saying I did… and I’m not saying I didn’t. Why is everyone staring?”

Robin Lindsey: THE NEW YORK RIPPER (1982)

” I was a bit distracted by how much the lead actor reminded me of Jeremy Clarkson, lol. It was just ok for me. The makeup and effects were hit & miss, some were good but some were weak. I liked the way the heroine’s thought process was portrayed as she was figuring things out.”

Jay Walker: EATEN ALIVE (1980, Prime)

“Not the gator one, the other Umberto Lenzi one with all the Jonestown cannibals.

Last of the cannibal genre for me (unless anyone knows where I can watch Green Inferno). This one has no animal cruelty, but does have a couple rape scenes that are a difficult watch. Although, if you made it through Holocaust and Ferox, this one’s pretty tame and more plot-centric than its counterparts.
This is a good offering in terms of story/character development. It’s gore levels are medium compared to the others, and its probably the least offensive tbh. I’d rank it just below Ferox, but well above Cannibal Cop for sure. 

Evan Peterson: THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES (1972, rented from Scarecrow)
This is one of the best Gialli I’ve ever seen. Set in Germany but still Italian AF, the plot is actually quite coherent. The highly improbably twist at the end is very typical of the genre, but it worked for me. Fashion! Boobs! Drug Addiction! Bats! Murder! Gothic secrets! Content warning: there’s a gut-churning rape scene that they never address again afterward.

Day 27/74 August 18th

Kim: THE SHORTCUT (2009)

“Not a bad idea, and it’s sort of a shame they didn’t have a little bit more of the budget because the script needed some work and the sound mixing was awful. Cool concept though.”

Bob: GET MY GUN (2019, Shudder)

” Many of you have also watched this. I liked it a great deal. Fantastic acting from the lead and went a different direction than expected. My only issue is the opening and credits said “grindhouse” but the movie itself wasn’t in the mode.”

Cody: 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED (2019, Theatrical)

BREAKING NEWS, Gap commercial shoot is interrupted by Killer Sharks! Paint by numbers flick that is average at best. Don’t recommend a theater watch but worse movies can be seen when it hits streaming.

Brien Gorham: STAGEFRIGHT (1987, Shudder)

“This theatre-set giallo follows an owl-masked killer as he knocks off the cast of a play. It’s the play around which the movie is set that’s truly special and I think someone needs to stage it for real – complete with Marilyn Monroe impersonator sax solo and dancing owl masked killer.”

Robin Lindsey:ESCAPE ROOM (2019)

“Even though this is essentially Saw Jr., it was still pretty entertaining. Likeable characters (the ones you were supposed to like, at least) and puzzles that didn’t have completely convoluted movie solutions. It makes me want to go do a real, but obviously non-lethal, escape room.”

Amy Herring: THE FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL (2018, Hulu)

“This is an anthology from many lands of fairy tales/myths/legends and I really, really enjoyed it.

The style of this overall is really great too. The stories are a bit understated but yet stark and unapologetic in the horror elements. Definitely recommend.”

Jay Walker: BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR (1989, Prime)

“Yuzna & Lovecraft: Obviously going to be amazing.
I’d only seen the original actually, and figured this would be a crappy, hokey sequel. I was definitely wrong!
This is every bit as amazing as the original, if not more bat-shit crazy overall. Very “Frankenhooker” vibe, only (slightly) more serious.
Gory, wacky, out-of-control fun! Loved this.”

Evan Peterson: WAXWORK (1988, Prime)

“: I love this one. Haven’t seen it since I was a kid. It’s a really fun silly ensemble monster mash with David Warner, Patrick Macnee, and Zach Galligan. Almost an anthology film in a very clever way.”

Day 26/75: August 17th

Kim: What Still Remains (2018)

“Another post-apocalyptic film with a weird religious community. Though not really doing anything new with the subgenre, and the dialogue is a little heavy handed, it’s still an enjoyable watch. Lulu Antariksa does a wonderful job as the lead Anna.”

Bob: WHY HORROR? (2015, Shudder)

Documentary looks at why people are attracted to the genre. It was made by a super fan rather than an academic or filmmaker, and that shows but decent look. Feels like a filmed article from a horror mag.

Cody: RUIN ME (2018, Shudder)

” an interesting if not wholely original flick. Ruin Me is a solid flick that is perfectly serviceable but does nothing really new, it’s another extreme haunt gone bad movie that is painfully predictable. I was impressed with the overall performances, this is actually pretty well acted despite the failings of the script. It’s on Shudder and worth a watch at least.”

Robin Lindsey: THE LOVED ONES (2009)

“Another fun one for this year. It gets pretty batshit and a bit brutal at times, but you actually give a shit about the majority of the characters pretty quick.”

Brien Gorham: SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (2011, Prime)

“I just really kind of enjoyed this movie. It’s a pretty standard slasher plot wrapped in a weird, offbeat redemption story with both heart and gore. It’s bolstered by a great cast including Kevin Corrigan, Lucy Davis, Barry Bostwick, and Karen Black”

Amy Herring: THE 3RD EYE 2 (2019, Netflix, Indonesian)

“Ghost story. Another chapter with the same main character and her new underworld adventures! I enjoyed it although not as much as the first. The sets are to die for (pun intended) though–even a secret passage behind a bookcase!”


“This is great! Low-budget/SOV themed splatterfest. No spoilers – but there’s not much to spoil – just a wild ride with some cabinet/laundry machine monsters and a metric f*ckton of bloody mayhem.
The weird repetition thing throws me off a bit, but the whole movie would prob be 40 min without it 😂
Definitely recommend for cheesy 80s low-budget goodness.”

Evan Peterson: RETURN OF SWAMP THING (1989, Prime)

“More dumb fun. Lots of atavistic mutants. Heather Locklear is no Adrienne Barbeau, but the film is okay (other than those stupid kids shoe-horned into the plot).”

Day 25/76: August 16th

Kim: The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

“This movie was ridiculous. The dialogue was so over the top and silly. Kind of bummed I didn’t live tweet it.”


“Good idea – a werewolf as a part of a traveling carnival. Awful, cheap execution. ”


” Since this movie decides to end segments just when they are getting good, I will do so with my review. 4 lame segments with chopped off endings and one great one starri-”


“The comedic tone in this one threw me a bit (paintball sequence?), but otherwise it was fun. Definitely not the best in the series, but not the worst.”

Brien Gorham: DON’T GO INTO THE HOUSE (1980, Prime)

“This one from 1980 features a killer with a flame thrower. It borrows heavily from Psycho and pretty much every movie in which childhood trauma creates a killer. Bust out your good disco clothes for this one.”

Amy Herring: THE THIRD EYE (2017, Netflix, Indonesia)

“Ghost story. Nothing hugely special but I quite enjoyed it and am going for The 3rd Eye #2 tomorrow!”

Jay Walker: SLUGS

“Ok, so I have to confess… I started watching horror pretty early on. I remember being like 9 or 10 and seeing this on TBS.
I made it to a part involving an ax, and had to shut it off cause I got scared 😂
I tried renting it a second time later on, and made it a bit further, but still didn’t get through it.
Hell raiser 2 was the only other movie I shut off early cause it bugged me out (seen that plenty since those days).
Revisited this as an adult after I saw it on Tubi and was like Holy Shit! No Way!
It’s a lot less scary now, and I’m sad I missed that dinner scene all these years 🤣
The rest is pretty corny, but there’s 3-4 really good scenes in here, and some hilariously bad dialogue that make it a fun throwback.”

Evan Peterson: THE COLOUR OUT OF SPACE (2019, HP Lovecraft Film Festival)

“Holy. Shit. This is everything I want out of a Lovecraft adaptation movie. Practical occultism? Check. Body horror? CHECK. Self-referential easter eggs that don’t take themselves too seriously? Check. RICHARD fuckin STANLEY directing and writing? CHECK. If you’re a fan of the original novella, you’ll know that this does not have a happy ending. Nic Cage is not my favorite actor, but he does a great job in this one, as do Joely Richardson, Tommy Chong (in a perfect role), and the whole cast.”

Day 24/77: August 15th

Kim: 47 METERS DOWN: UNCAGED (2019, Theatrical)

“Movie was entertaining enough, and I enjoyed the Deep Blue Sea moment, but I wouldn’t tell anyone to pay money to see it.”

Bob: THE HOWLING V: THE REBIRTH (1989; Amazon Prime)- video review above

“Well it’s better than part IV. But that is a low bar. Because this is pretty damned bad too. Just not as awful. A bunch of strangers are called to a Hungarian castle, sealed for 500 years. One of them is a werewolf and killing the others. Lots of characters being blase about everything. Lots of arguments. Bad acting Etc.”


“A movie so nice they released it twice under different names to make a quick buck! A forerunner to Tales from the Hood or Body Bags, a spooky mortician covers 4 different tales of death. The first and the second are kinda eh but the dueling detectives segment is very well done as is the Saw grandfather final segment. The movie is honestly just a rip off of an Amicus style anthology flick with less British charm. Still an interesting almost Avant Garde flick that foreshadows horrors of the future.””

Brien Gorham: INCIDENT IN A GHOSTLAND (2018, via Shudder)

“This is from the same guy who made Martyrs (Pascal Laugier) and he just really goes for the throat again in this one. It’s hard to talk about the film without spoiling it, but I will say that the second half of the film had me jumping out of my skin (Martyrs pun – haha#sorrynotsorrybutreallyreallysorry). This one’s not quite as existentially annihilating as Martyrs, so I guess Pascal’s starting to soften?”

Robin Lindsey: SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW (1988)

“This has been on my watch list for FOR-E-VER. This is another iconic poster/cover art that I vividly remember from vhs browsing days. I thought it was great. A couple of the effects start falling short towards the end, but overall the dream sequences are nice & creepy. Good to have finally seen this one.”

Amy Herring THE MIDNIGHT MAN (2016)

A garbage fire of a movie.

Jay Walker: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (Shudder)

“Cannibal genre time! I’m pretty sure this one is also “Emerald Jungle”, but it’s hard to keep track cause they all have multiple names.
Anyhoo. This is the classic, quintessential cannibal flick for the ages. Fully graphic no-holds-barred gore, the notorious full body spearing, and unfortunately actual animal death. 😒
While I didn’t appreciate the latter, this is still a gem of the genre.
I wish there were good modern cannibal flicks, as I did really enjoy these types of horror. Any suggestions?”

Theresa Cracknell: MARIANNE (2019, Netflix)

 I’m only on episode two but loving this series so far it has some real scares in it”

Evan Peterson: ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK (1972): Someone else (Cody?) summed this up a week or two ago. Ditto. Psychedelic Satanic giallo bonanza

Day 23/78: August 14th

Kim: Viy (1967)

“This has been on my list forever. Glad to finally watch it. Some of the special effects haven’t age as well but still a really interesting watch.”


See above for video review

Four movies in this not very good series, it was decided to re-adapt the original novel again. So this and the 1980 Joe Dante led first in the series follow the same plot essentially (with a whole town instead of a retreat), but without any of the elements that made the original memorable. It’s like a cheap rip off. Very little werewolf action, they couldn’t afford a transformation so they melted someone instead. The very werewolves we see are cheap set ups and static masks. All the sound was in post, so there is an odd quality from there.


“Fuck this movie.”

Brien Gorham: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW (2014)

” I’m not anti-found footage, but I can be “found footage reluctant” which is why this one hovered at the edge of my radar for so long. It’s a movie with an ambitious mythology. It didn’t totally work for me, but there were some good creepy moments in the third act.”


” I actually really love how much this sticks to all of the clichés. Finding out that it was originally a parody script that was filmed straight makes a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the way the sequence where one of the boys runs next door was shot. An overall fun slasher.”

Amy Herring: BASKIN (2015, Hulu; Turkish)

” Wow. I’m going to be saying wow for days.

Basically a movie about 5 characters’ descent into hell. Plot is a little scarce but you can’t miss the broad symbolism. So much fun can be had exploring personal theories here.

Visuals are intense. Not a fan of the excessive and explicit gore but it somehow doesn’t only feel like torture porn for its own sake, so I can forgive it (even though I looked away a few times and had to skip one scene).

“Baba” the hell god, for lack of a better word, is striking–I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. This gave me Mad Max: Fury Road and The Cell vibes in the styling.

I was fascinated the entire time and have to give it an awesome vote. A one-liner review said: “Horrible and rapturous and odd.” Exactly.”

Jay Walker: CANNIBAL FEROX (Shudder)

“Another legend in the cannibal camp. This one is brutal, bloody, and successfully builds very unlikable characters that you actually want to see offed. It also does so without the animal cruelty displayed in its aforementioned counterpart Holocaust. There’s some rough scenes (no spoilers here), so be forewarned – it’s not an easy watch.

Also, I’ve noticed that most of the cannibal flicks of the time were “BANNED IN SEVERAL COUNTRIES”. Wonder if that was true, or just a marketing ploy 🤔”

Evan Peterson: A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN (LUCIO FULCI, 1971): Okay. So. This one has a reputation as pinnacle giallo. It has all the tropes: gory murder, naked women, incredible fashion, fancy cars, drugs, and mental illness. I liked most of it, but the ending was a real let down, and I can’t say more without spoiling it. Worth a watch for the visuals and audacity if not the whackadoodle plot.

Day 22/79: August 13th


“Worthy effort at some quasi feminist horror but just didn’t get there.”

Bob: ROAR (1981, via Netflix disc)

“I cannot wait to talk about this longer come it’s video review but today’s entry is ROAR (1981) by Noel Marshall. Best known as the one with Tippi Hedren and the lions. Ho-ly shit. An absolutely insane, unique film. To try to get more notations to conservation efforts, Tippi Hedren and then husband Noel Marshall founded a big cat sanctuary in SoCal, filled it with 150 big game cats and other African animals and tried to make a family adventure comedy with these wild, untrained animals. 11 years later, they deliver a harrowing horror film filled with actors (and crew) terrified for their lives as they not to get mauled and ripped up by wild cats.
Try – and fail – there are real injuries captured on film, including Tippi’s daughter Melanie Griffith – her on screen mauling needed surgery and she almost lost an eye. Jan DeBont on his first US project was scalped and needed 220 stitches. There are times people drip blood all over; bloody handprints on the wall. It’s a wonder no one died.
Despite this, it’s not a bad movie – it’s fascinating in every frame and the heart is in the right place with the message as these are majestic creatures that need protection from poachers. It’s too bad for a good hour of the 94 minutes is made up of people screaming – really screaming.”


“I know it has been so long since I talked about a British 70’s anthology film! Well have no fear! This one is jam packed with evil ghosts, mirror vampires, hell doors to tethered Shakespeare and Donald Pleasance in a top hat! All these tales are neatly wrapped up by shopkeeper and old man make-up’ed Peter Cushing who is brilliant in the wraparound segment. So far my favorite among the Amicus Anthologies (which is like asking me to pick my favorite child!)”

Brien Gorham: ANOTHER EVIL (2016)

” This one has been on my watchlist for a while. Billed as a horror-comedy, it was much darker and more somber than I expected. While there is a “human comedy” in this story, it is also a sad story about loneliness and the search for meaning. I expected spoof, but got a heap of existential angst instead. It’s nice to be surprised sometimes.”

Amy Herring:  KUNTILANAK  (2018, Netflix).

“Indonesian. Tis was listed as horror but is about 25% horror and 75% Scooby Doo/Goosebumps, however, I really enjoyed it and thought the scares were decently scary (unlike GB or SD which never actually scared me). Lots of cliche horror that I actually still found entertaining. This movie managed to amuse, startle, and scare me successfully and it was even … gasp… Heartwarming in parts! Recommend”

Robin Lindsey: ANTIVIRAL (2012)

” I’ve been wanting to see this one since it came out, but never got around to it. Brandon Cronenberg’s take on body horror is different than his dad’s in a very effective way. His use of needles had me cussing out loud to myself several times. The flip side regarding the philosophy and ethics of the world presented was pretty well done, as well.

I’m excited to see that IMDb shows another feature for him in post-production. Overall I really liked where he went with this one.”

Jay Walker: CANNIBAL HOOKERS (Prime)

“The classic Donald Farmer one. Slightly better acting than Cop, but not really interesting, gory, or anything memorable. Really dull.
As fun as the cover looked, you’d think it’d be a little more wild, but just kinda a “meh” fest all around.”

Evan Peterson: The Evil (1978)

Fun haunted house pick em off, but what you really need to know is that Victor Buono plays Satan. VICTOR BUONO PLAYS SATAN. Go and watch this.

Day 21/80: August 12th


“Interesting idea, although the dialogue was not the greatest, strong performances made it an interesting watch.”

Bob: HIDE AND SEEK (2013, via library)

“A random pick-up from the library, from Korea. never had heard of it. I loved it. A rich Korean man’s family and a poor apartment building are terrorized by a bike helmeted person who may be the man’s brother. I loved the twists and it was suspenseful as hell. A great random grab.”

Cody:  DEATHGASM (2015)

” I absolutely fucking loved this one. Basically Evil Dead blended with 1986’s Trick or Treat for a hilarious, yet Gore filled thrill ride. I mean they use sex toys like nunchucks to fight Demons, how can you go wrong? Complete and total recommendation.”


“Another anthology, this one is a collection of shorts from the Mile High Horror Fest in Denver. I was impressed with the production value in most of these.”

Amy Herring: AURORA (2019)

“A Filipino horror movie on Netflix. It had a strange tone to it that I can’t account for, which both intrigued me and distanced me so I ended up feeling only mildly interested but it picked up toward the end and I think I did enjoy it.”

Robin Lindsay: A DARK SONG (2016)

” Ugggghhhh. This movie was so frustrating. It’s a super slow burn to the climax where it falls utterly flat. The build up was pretty interesting. I was wondering where they were going to go. Sadly, where they went was nowhere. I’m sad.”

Jay Walker CANNIBAL COP (Prime)

“Uh well. It’s better than Quacky slasher.
It comes off like they’re trying to be serious, but its full of legitimately terrible, flat, emotionless acting. There’s all kinds of silly inconsistencies Like the camera girl “filming” on her iPhone with her hand clearly over the camera, the actors/actresses not being able to say lines with a straight face, obviously looking at prompters, Halloween City props, etc.
just goofy, all-around bad, and not particularly interesting.”

Evan Peterson: SHOCK (1977)

“Daria Nicolodi in a Giallo that she *didn’t* write. It was okay. Standard evil child / haunted house film. No real highs or lows to report.”


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