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Hello horror geeks!

It’s end of July. (or later depending on when you read this) You know what that means! Only 100 days to Halloween!!!

So it’s time for 100 Days of Horror. In which we (attempt to, for many of us) watch 100 horror films we’ve not seen in the 100 days leading up to Halloween and post about them in some form.

Bookmark this page for daily updates!

This project is Kim’s child (that and her cat Millie). Kim has done fully for six years, first coming up with idea with Horror Honeys (no longer updated site: http://www.thehorrorhoneys.com/) and their magazine Belladonna and now with us here at City of Geek. Bob has tried the last three – ultimately reaching 100 in March from ’17 and January in ’18’s attempts. This year let’s make it!  Bowie knows how Cody and Tony ddo. Maybe they’ll pop in. This year Bob is challenging himself to make a video review for each entry the day after watching it (so that #100 is on the day itself).

This page will keep a running tab on what we’re watching here, both from us updating as needed or pulling info from the dedicated Facebook group with a few dozen people (as of July 24th 169 members) giving it the ol’ college try. Join us and let us know how you’re doing! Whatever you post on the group, I’ll repost here (unless you tell me not to) Give recommendations! Give your reviews! Join us on a few live tweets along the way!

Need some recommendations? Check out the Aug 1st episode of our podcast: Lesser Known and Underappreciated Horror.

Follow Bob’s YouTube journey and his Letterboxd. Brien Gorham’s Letterboxd.

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Day 24/77: August 15h

Bob: THE HOWLING V: THE REBIRTH (1989; Amazon Prime)- video review in a few

“Well it’s better than part IV. But that is a low bar. Because this is pretty damned bad too. Just not as awful. A bunch of strangers are called to a Hungarian castle, sealed for 500 years. One of them is a werewolf and killing the others. Lots of characters being blase about everything. Lots of arguments. Bad acting Etc.”


“A movie so nice they released it twice under different names to make a quick buck! A forerunner to Tales from the Hood or Body Bags, a spooky mortician covers 4 different tales of death. The first and the second are kinda eh but the dueling detectives segment is very well done as is the Saw grandfather final segment. The movie is honestly just a rip off of an Amicus style anthology flick with less British charm. Still an interesting almost Avant Garde flick that foreshadows horrors of the future.””

Brien Gorham: INCIDENT IN A GHOSTLAND (2018, via Shudder)

“This is from the same guy who made Martyrs (Pascal Laugier) and he just really goes for the throat again in this one. It’s hard to talk about the film without spoiling it, but I will say that the second half of the film had me jumping out of my skin (Martyrs pun – haha#sorrynotsorrybutreallyreallysorry). This one’s not quite as existentially annihilating as Martyrs, so I guess Pascal’s starting to soften?”

Day 23/78: August 14th

Kim: Viy (1967)

“This has been on my list forever. Glad to finally watch it. Some of the special effects haven’t age as well but still a really interesting watch.”

Bob: THE HOWLING IV: THE ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE (1988, Amazon Prime)- video review in a few days

Four movies in this not very good series, it was decided to re-adapt the original novel again. So this and the 1980 Joe Dante led first in the series follow the same plot essentially (with a whole town instead of a retreat), but without any of the elements that made the original memorable. It’s like a cheap rip off. Very little werewolf action, they couldn’t afford a transformation so they melted someone instead. The very werewolves we see are cheap set ups and static masks. All the sound was in post, so there is an odd quality from there.


“Fuck this movie.”

Brien Gorham: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW (2014)

” I’m not anti-found footage, but I can be “found footage reluctant” which is why this one hovered at the edge of my radar for so long. It’s a movie with an ambitious mythology. It didn’t totally work for me, but there were some good creepy moments in the third act.”


” I actually really love how much this sticks to all of the clichés. Finding out that it was originally a parody script that was filmed straight makes a lot of sense. I really enjoyed the way the sequence where one of the boys runs next door was shot. An overall fun slasher.”

Amy Herring: BASKIN (2015, Hulu; Turkish)

” Wow. I’m going to be saying wow for days.

Basically a movie about 5 characters’ descent into hell. Plot is a little scarce but you can’t miss the broad symbolism. So much fun can be had exploring personal theories here.

Visuals are intense. Not a fan of the excessive and explicit gore but it somehow doesn’t only feel like torture porn for its own sake, so I can forgive it (even though I looked away a few times and had to skip one scene).

“Baba” the hell god, for lack of a better word, is striking–I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. This gave me Mad Max: Fury Road and The Cell vibes in the styling.

I was fascinated the entire time and have to give it an awesome vote. A one-liner review said: “Horrible and rapturous and odd.” Exactly.”


Day 22/79: August 13th


“Worthy effort at some quasi feminist horror but just didn’t get there.”

Bob: ROAR (1981, via Netflix disc)

“I cannot wait to talk about this longer come it’s video review but today’s entry is ROAR (1981) by Noel Marshall. Best known as the one with Tippi Hedren and the lions. Ho-ly shit. An absolutely insane, unique film. To try to get more notations to conservation efforts, Tippi Hedren and then husband Noel Marshall founded a big cat sanctuary in SoCal, filled it with 150 big game cats and other African animals and tried to make a family adventure comedy with these wild, untrained animals. 11 years later, they deliver a harrowing horror film filled with actors (and crew) terrified for their lives as they not to get mauled and ripped up by wild cats.
Try – and fail – there are real injuries captured on film, including Tippi’s daughter Melanie Griffith – her on screen mauling needed surgery and she almost lost an eye. Jan DeBont on his first US project was scalped and needed 220 stitches. There are times people drip blood all over; bloody handprints on the wall. It’s a wonder no one died.
Despite this, it’s not a bad movie – it’s fascinating in every frame and the heart is in the right place with the message as these are majestic creatures that need protection from poachers. It’s too bad for a good hour of the 94 minutes is made up of people screaming – really screaming.”


“I know it has been so long since I talked about a British 70’s anthology film! Well have no fear! This one is jam packed with evil ghosts, mirror vampires, hell doors to tethered Shakespeare and Donald Pleasance in a top hat! All these tales are neatly wrapped up by shopkeeper and old man make-up’ed Peter Cushing who is brilliant in the wraparound segment. So far my favorite among the Amicus Anthologies (which is like asking me to pick my favorite child!)”

Brien Gorham: ANOTHER EVIL (2016)

” This one has been on my watchlist for a while. Billed as a horror-comedy, it was much darker and more somber than I expected. While there is a “human comedy” in this story, it is also a sad story about loneliness and the search for meaning. I expected spoof, but got a heap of existential angst instead. It’s nice to be surprised sometimes.”

Amy Herring:  KUNTILANAK  (2018, Netflix).

“Indonesian. Tis was listed as horror but is about 25% horror and 75% Scooby Doo/Goosebumps, however, I really enjoyed it and thought the scares were decently scary (unlike GB or SD which never actually scared me). Lots of cliche horror that I actually still found entertaining. This movie managed to amuse, startle, and scare me successfully and it was even … gasp… Heartwarming in parts! Recommend”

Robin Lindsey: ANTIVIRAL (2012)

” I’ve been wanting to see this one since it came out, but never got around to it. Brandon Cronenberg’s take on body horror is different than his dad’s in a very effective way. His use of needles had me cussing out loud to myself several times. The flip side regarding the philosophy and ethics of the world presented was pretty well done, as well.

I’m excited to see that IMDb shows another feature for him in post-production. Overall I really liked where he went with this one.”

Day 21/80: August 12th


“Interesting idea, although the dialogue was not the greatest, strong performances made it an interesting watch.”

Bob: HIDE AND SEEK (2013, via library)- video review in a few days

“A random pick-up from the library, from Korea. never had heard of it. I loved it. A rich Korean man’s family and a poor apartment building are terrorized by a bike helmeted person who may be the man’s brother. I loved the twists and it was suspenseful as hell. A great random grab.”

Cody:  DEATHGASM (2015)

” I absolutely fucking loved this one. Basically Evil Dead blended with 1986’s Trick or Treat for a hilarious, yet Gore filled thrill ride. I mean they use sex toys like nunchucks to fight Demons, how can you go wrong? Complete and total recommendation.”


“Another anthology, this one is a collection of shorts from the Mile High Horror Fest in Denver. I was impressed with the production value in most of these.”

Amy Herring: AURORA (2019)

“A Filipino horror movie on Netflix. It had a strange tone to it that I can’t account for, which both intrigued me and distanced me so I ended up feeling only mildly interested but it picked up toward the end and I think I did enjoy it.”

Robin Lindsay: A DARK SONG (2016)

” Ugggghhhh. This movie was so frustrating. It’s a super slow burn to the climax where it falls utterly flat. The build up was pretty interesting. I was wondering where they were going to go. Sadly, where they went was nowhere. I’m sad.”

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