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Hello horror geeks!


It’s end of July (or later depending on when you read this) You know what that means! Only 100 days to Halloween!!!

So it’s time for 100 Days of Horror. In which we (attempt to, for many of us) watch 100 horror films we’ve not seen in the 100 days leading up to Halloween and post about them in some form.

This project is Kim’s child (that and her cat Millie). Kim has done fully for six years, first coming up with idea with Horror Honeys (no longer updated site: http://www.thehorrorhoneys.com/) and their magazine Belladonna and now with us here at City of Geek. Bob has tried the last three – ultimately reaching 100 in March from ’17 and January in ’18’s attempts. This year let’s make it!  Bowie knows how Cody and Tony do. Maybe they’ll pop in. This year Bob is challenging himself to make a video review for each entry the day after watching it (so that #100 is on the day itself).

This page will keep a running tab on what we’re watching here, both from us updating as needed or pulling info from the dedicated Facebook group with a few dozen people (as of July 24th 169 members) giving it the ol’ college try. Join us and let us know how you’re doing! Whatever you post on the group, I’ll repost here (unless you tell me not to) You want to see the comments for those remarks? Visit the facebook group. Give recommendations! Give your reviews! Join us on a few live tweets along the way!

Need some recommendations? Check out the Aug 1st episode of our podcast: Lesser Known and Underappreciated Horror.

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Day 100!!!!!!! (or 1, 0 however you count!


Kim: IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1995, Prime)

“Not my favorite but I’ll watch Sam Neill in pretty much anything.”

Bob: Countdown (2019, theatrical)

Final Destination as an App (similar to last year’s Truth or Dare being Final Destination with a game). Silly, light, but a good time. A popular app tells you when you’ll die. Seems fun until it comes true. Yeah, dumb concept but a well-done enough execution. Eschews the stereotype group of friends for a nurse, her sister, and a dude also cursed she comes across. This gives a different character dynamic and I liked that, although even with those changes one can guess how it plays out beat by beat. The scare sequences were also rote, but yet I dug them. There is a skill there. This is the writer-director Justin Dec’s first feature and I look forward at what can do in teh future. The creature design was nice and there a low-level meanness to it. Not many moments of humor outside of one particular character. I’ll admit it, one jump scare actually hit well.


“I legit was about to watch one of the Horror classics that had escaped me but then I saw this is finally streaming on Prime and thought “fuck it”. A Hammer flick on some sweet 80’s Cocaine, watch as Christopher Lee fights Werewolves for 90 minutes.”

Amy Herring: DARK WATERS (1993)

“This has been on my list for a long time and I finally decided to go for it. Having either never seen a trailer or only seen a cryptic/confusing one, I knew next to nothing. The film feels odd–hardly any dialogue and it feels much older than it is. I decided to give it a good long chance, and honestly I didn’t get fully into it until almost an hour in, but this is a gem of a movie. It’s not what it seems, yet it also is. I am so glad I saw this. Fantastic.”


“Another Crypticon find from Vinegar Syndrome, a monster hides inside a cat and winds up on a luxury yacht with a trio of criminals and a gaggle of unsuspecting spring breakers. What? Yes! Did I mention it also stars George Kennedy and Clu Gulager? The practical monster effects are simply delightful. I didn’t know this would be the perfect wrap up to the season, but Uninvited for the win!”

Robin Lindsey: CRONOS (1993)

“I love Guillermo del Toro’s style of little dark fairy tales. This one is tragic and sweet at the same time. Definitely one that I enjoyed.”

Day 99/2 – October 29th

Kim: COUNTDOWN (2019, Theatrical)

“Basically Final Destination with an app but overall really fun and silly.”

Bob: ROOM TO RENT (2019, Amazon Prime)

I’ll watch anything with Lin Shaye. My horror gramma (Carrie Fisher IS space gramma – and kick ass General, and the real hero of all of Star Wars). Well Shaye plays a loney, unhinged woman who lost her husband recently. With no money, she rents her extra rooms to some young people and starts to get too involved in their lives and her lies. In many ways it feels cheap, but Shaye is great and its creepy enough.


Bruno Mattei goes out in style for his final feature film! Stolen music? Check. Campy performances? Check. Ripping off a ton of different films in seemingly random order? Check. And last but not least, confusing yet immensely entertaining last 15 minutes? You bet your ass check. Rest in Peace Bruno, you beautiful bastard.

Brien Gorham: Dark Waters

A young woman uncovers her dark past at a remote convent of strange nuns. I picked this up from Severin at Crypticon and it’s been sitting on my shelf. I really think this is a remarkable movie and I’m surprised it’s not talked about more.

Robin Lindsay: KNIFE + HEART (2019, Shudder)

“I’m not sure I can articulate why exactly, but I loved this one. Everyone just felt genuine. There was a lot of heart for something that could have easily been filled with the easy gags. Glad I watched this one before the end!”

Amy Herring: SKELETON KEY (2005)

“A favorite that’s kind of on the tame side because my life was horror-full enough today. I love Peter Saarsgard.”

Day 98/3- October 28th

Kim: GRETA (2019)

This movie was so frustrating. Really amazing actresses with a mediocre and predictable script.


“This is technically a short, but eh, whatever. David Harbor plays a version of himself, his father, and his grandfather as he presents a history of his father’s Masterpiece Theater type adaptation of Frankenstein. A hilarious take on the creative process, clashing egos, & filmed live theater with all of its errors, awkward sounds and pauses and everything. Laughed hard and often. Recommended. ”


“Imagine if Bruno Mattei directed Uwe Boll’s House of the Dead. It’s the rare case where the ripoff is actually better than the inspiration!”

Robin Lindey:  HAUNT (2019)

“Everyone has been saying great things about this one, so thought I’d give it a watch. I… did not like this as much as everyone else has. Granted, it definitely had me talking to the screen (f you spiders) and after this slew of haunted house flicks, I doubt I will ever go through one again. But towards the end it really started to delve into the implausible (people not reacting to situations or “stimuli” as humans would) and drew me out of it. Overall I thought it was ok.”


” It’s once more unto the breach for Dracula and Van Helsing – this time in swinging 1970s London! This time Dracula has global designs and Van Helsing is working with MI6. What? Who cares! It’s Lee vs Cushing for the millionth time and it’s still brilliant”

Amy Herring: HUNTED

“This is mostly drama but it’s listed as horror and does have a horror element. It was really mellow, lovely, and a bit dark.”

Day 97/4- October 27th


“I was promised a psycho stripper and this movie delivered. Thank you Lifetime.”

Bob: GOOD MANNERS (2018, Library rental)

A very different take on a werewolf movie. A poor woman is given the opportunity to be the pre-natal nurse and later nanny to a rich woman. The pregnant woman was attacked by a werewolf at some point and the fetus is displaying weird changes. That’s the first act, and where it goes I didn’t really expect. Touching take on motherhood and women bonds.

Cody: THE BARN (2016)

” A very fun slasher homage flick that pays reverence to the genre while carving out a unique identity of its own. The atmosphere in this is too notch as are the Gore effects! Definitely worth a watch!”

Amy Herring: PURE (2019, Hulu)

“I still can’t decide if I liked it. I guess I liked elements of it. But I can’t tell what those are. I think I was underwhelmed overall, though.”

Robin Lindsey: HOUSE OF WAX (2005)

” Another entry courtesy of All Freakin’ Night. This was not as bad as I was expecting. It’s a fairly straight forward “young people in jeopardy” style movie, but it does it pretty well with a couple of actually brutal moments. Bonus points for having the worst timed “we need to talk” moment I have EVER seen in a movie.”


“This is one of those bonkers 70’s plots that’s just a ton of fun to watch. Three seemingly disparate storylines converge in an inventive way. Plus it features Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing (though one of them is only a cameo…). Vampires, genetic manipulation, pseudo-Nazis… this movie literally has it all.”

Day 96/5 – October 26th


“So this movie frustrated me, cause there was stuff I really liked, but the gratuitous fish rape turned me off from it as a whole.”

Bob: TRAFFIK (2018)

From the writer-director of this year’s THE INTRUDER so you got a couple who have to act like idiots to keep an inane plot going. Unrelentingly stupid on all levels.

Cody: HAUNT (2019)

“Actually pretty solid! I tend to watch a lot of haunted house gone wrong movies and this was better than most. Especially solid performance from the two leads to anchor a surprisingly gory trip into haunt hell.”


“Ah, nothing says slasher like 35 year old teenagers. This one is so freakin’ weird, but still fun.”


“Despite the constant over dramatizing of every action, facial expression, and line of dialogue, I enjoy this. I really like that the horror elements actually get pretty dark for the most part, otherwise this would just be too cute and I think even the fantastic sweaters wouldn’t be enough to stomach it.”

Brien Gorham: MADHOUSE (1981) (Shudder)

When I started watching this, I thought this would make a great double feature with Blood Rage. A mentally deranged woman escapes from a mental hospital and begins stalking her twin sister with a psychotic dog in the days leading up to their birthday. Then I did little research and learned that this movie came out the same year as Happy Birthday to Me and Bloody Birthday and decided that a triple feature celebrating the Birthday movies of 1981 was a far better choice.

Day 95/6 – October 25th


“Basically a Lifetime movie, but the full twist did surprise me”

Bob: WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE (2018, Library)

Two women celebrate their anniversary in a cabin owned by one of their families. But the neighbors come by and call the owner by a different name, this begins to unravel their idyll. Goes different places than expected and changes genres and I loved that. Plus, as I said several times elsewhere and will again – I automatically give points to a few people in a single location.

Cody: COUNTDOWN (2019, Theaters)

“I was honestly surprised at how much I liked this one! While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel this was a really fun one. Had some effective scares, campy characters and an enjoyable plot that makes me give this an official recommendation!”


” Despite wishing the story was a bit beefier and the found footage camera work, I really enjoyed this one and was sufficiently scared!”

Robin Lindsey: DOLLS (1987)

” This was so much fun! I loved it. Some great stop-motion work.”

Brien Gorham: NIGHTMARE CINEMA (2019, Shudder)

” Mick Garris’s new anthology brings together some heavyweights in horror. The stories themselves are pretty strong. I loved the narrative twist of the first segment. The connective thread between the segments, anchored by Mickey Rourke’s Projectionist, feels a little underdeveloped”

Day 94/7 – October 24th

Bob: LIGHT AS A FEATHER SEASON 2 (2019, Hulu).

Don’t be turned off by the cast to think this is a teenager show – while may be the target demographic, the show is solid work with an intricate and engaging plot and great characters. Does hit a bit into the long-form narrative issue I found with Slasher and Chambers in a few too many character turns and secrets but eh, everything around it worked so not a big deal. Bring on Season 3

Kim: THE RELIANT (2019, Theatres)

This is a horror film. I don’t care what anyone says.

City of Geek Group Review

Cody: WAX MASK (1997)

” Imagine if “House of Wax” was injected with some pure Italian Meth. This chaotic but entertaining flick is most definitely worth a watch on Shudder.”

Amy Herring: PHANTASM (1979)

“Holy shirt balls this one was fun. Like, what?”

Robin Lindsey: JUG FACE (2013)

” I’ve wanted to watch this movie for a long time. It’s kind of a sister movie to The Woman in that it’s executive produced by Lucky McKee, shares two of the leads, and the soundtrack is by the same person. Weird though, McKee is listed in the credits as the Executive Producer, but neither IMDb or Wikipedia list him.

I actually found this movie through looking for more music from Sean Spillane when it was first released. I’m so glad I finally got to watch it! I liked it a lot. It’s pretty low key, but there is a great cast. It’s on Tubi now if you want to check it out.”

Brien Gorham: VALENTINE

“I feel like I should apologize for enjoying this movie – but I won’t. It’s ridiculous and predictable but I liked some of the kills and the ending – which you can pretty guess from the beginning – still has a nice moment to it.”

Day 93/8 – October 23th


“Silly. So very silly.”

Bob: THE FANATIC (2019, Amazon rental)

This Fred Durst directed (and co-written) stalker story starring John Travolta is a trash masterpiece. Well mostly, it’s also incredibly cringey that kinda hard to laugh at it in some ways. Travolta can act, but no idea why he chose to play Moose this way – was it Durst who told him to play Simple Jack with a few other random disorders added in? Thus, why its hard to getting fully in a laugh. Muddled in are we supposed ot root for or laugh at Moose? Movie seems to want both ways, but he does despicable things. Makes me appreciate JOKER trying harder at creating it’s sympathy (although i didn’t like it and thought it failed at this it did it better than this).

Cody: BRAIN DAMAGE (1988)

“A Frank Henenlotter masterpiece that proves that Basket Case wasn’t a one off. Gross, darkly funny and gory fun to be had with a surprisingly strong story/performances as well.”

Robin Lindsey: WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (2013)

It was passable. I liked that there was no supernatural element. But seriously, where did they find people to marry into this family? Or was the passing of the diary implication that they didn’t?

Amy Herring:  RESIDENT EVIL (2001)

Never did see any of these. Love Milla. This was very much a video game movie. I felt like I was watching one! There were a few moments that provoked a small smile but largely forgettable and uninteresting to me. Don’t think I’ll watch more of the franchise.

Brien Gorham: HELLARIOUS (2019)

I bought this on a whim and it’s a collection of recent festival shorts strung into a kind of anthology. It’s a great collection that includes festival darling “Lunch Ladies.”

Day 92/9- October 22nd


“I wanted to like this more than I did. Great performances but it feel flat for me with storytelling.”

Bob:  LUZ (2019, Amazon rental)

I don’t know what the fuck I watched, but I think I liked it? A woman is hypnotized to recreate a car crash but we got demons from her past, and a bunch of others stuff. One of the type of films that feels like a fever dream in storytelling.

Cody: THE FURIES (2019, Shudder)

A new flick dropped onto Shudder recently, the Furies is one of the most gory films I’ve seen in recent years. Does a wonderful job mashing together a Battle Royale and slasher film into a chaotic and gory mess. Definitely worth a watch!”

Brien Gorham: HAUNT (2019, Shudder)

” This Eli Roth produced flick is grisly and brutal. A group of young people enter a haunt on Halloween and things go sideways. It has some good moments in it and I found the ending satisfying.”

Robin Lindsey: HAUSU (1977)

“I’m not entirely sure what I just watched, but I loved it! It manages to be grim, utterly weird, and light hearted all at the same time.”


” I loved this show when it aired in the late 80’s–a duo recovering cursed objects so the devil doesn’t kick their ass. I still love the theme song!”

Day 91/10 – October 21st


“Fun little anthology film. I think the first story was probably my favorite.”

Cody: ORGY OF THE DEAD (1965)

“Watch as Criswell awkwardly introduces themed strippers with his Werewolf, Mummy and Vampire companions in a haunted graveyard! If you are a fan of classic 60’s stripping then you hit the jackpot!”

Bob: I’LL TAKE YOUR DEAD (2019, Hoopla via Library Streaming)

“A teenage girl lives alone on a distant farm with her father. He has an odd job – he disposes of bodies of dead gang members. Only this time, one of them – a young woman – isn’t dead. They start to bond with the living woman as those who shot her come back to finish the job. Oh, and the girl sees the ghosts of those buried and they ain’t happy. Small cast in a single location – so you know I give it points just for that. But it has great characters, chemistry, and loved the flow of the story.”

Brien Gorham: THERE’S NOTHING OUT THERE (1990)

“This cult gem has been on my shelf for a while. It’s a strange little entry in the cabin in the woods genre, most notable for a horror obsessed main character who keeps warning warning the others of what not to do – and this was a few years before Scream! The practical creature is ridiculous and awesome.”

Robin Lindsey: BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW (1971)

Glad I finally had a chance to sit down and watch this one after I saw it get talked up a lot around the release of Midsommar and all of the folk horror fervor. Some great performances by the younger cast. I enjoyed it.”

Amy Herring: ALTAR

“I love the haunted house thing with a dash of occult so this often hits the spot.”

Day 90/11 – October 20th

Kim: RUST CREEK (2019)

“Fantastic performances and really beautifully shot. Very much worth the watch.”

Bob: HELL HOUSE LLC 3: LAKE OF FIRE (2019, Shudder)

“Much better! A better story to follow, like a real plot not just the expectations of Found Footage. Ties in the whole series as yet (seems we have a real ending, but never know).”

Cody: LOVE ME DEADLY (1972)

Surprisingly boring for a corpse fucking movie.

Brien Gorham:  SOME KIND OF HATE

This is a pretty unique take on the vengeful ghost trope tied to a story of abuse and bullying. It’s dark and menacing and pulls off some impressive gore effects. It’s by Adam Egypt Mortimer, whose new movie Daniel Isn’t Real is getting a lot of good buzz.

Amy Herring: Until Dawn (2015).

This is a horror video game, and I watched it played for 8 hours pretty much straight like a useless human! I fully count this in my countdown. It plays like a movie. This is a slasher turned monster movie. Monsters are fantastic. Seriously creepy imagery.”

Robin Lindsey: THE FURIES (2019, Shudder)

I really liked this one. The concept was really interesting once all the pieces are revealed. Pretty decent effects for the most part. On Shudder.”

Day 89/12 – October 19th

Kim: ELI (2019, Netflix)

“At first pretty run of the mill but took a turn I was not expecting. Entertaining if not brilliant.”


“Loved the first film, great spin on teh Found Footage genre with looking at different timelines around an incident. This was more of the basic found footage. It was fine and well made, but not too much different than the rest of the genre. Really hated the Exposition Speech at the end.”

Cody: MANDY (2018, Shudder)

Exactly what I was hoping for! A crazy, drug fueled adventure through a revenge flick, watch as Nicolas Cage completely loses his mind and tackles the Cheddar Goblin! This is a movie that really must be seen to be believed and I mean that in the best way possible!”

Brien Gorham: Belzebuth (Shudder)

This one starts with a genuinely shocking and disturbing scene and doesn’t really let up. Tobin Bell of Saw fame takes a turn as a tattooed priest. Demons, possessions, and Tobin Bell – what more can you ask for?

Robin Lindsey: VICTOR CROWLEY (2018)

“So, I’m going to preface this by saying that I’m a big Adam Green fan. Knowing what this movie means in terms of his life & work, I cannot in good conscience talk shit about it. That being said, if you are not an Adam Green or Hatchet series fan, you will likely not enjoy this movie that much. Laura Ortiz is awesome. Felissa Rose is entertaing. Lots of small cameos. Lots of Easter eggs for ArieScope stuff.”

Amy Herring: ELI (2019, Netflix)

“Just came out on Netflix. This went from meh to bad to EPICALLY bad. Just, wow. Honestly, it got so bad that I almost circled back around to respect for the balls out disaster that it became.”

Day 88/13 – October 18th

Kim: WILLARD (2013)

“This just reinforced for me what a seriously underrated actor Crispin Glover is. I’ve seen him in two of my movies for 100 days this year and he is really just spectacular.”

Bob: JU-ON THE GRUDGE (2002)

“I had thought I had seen it, but guess just the American one. I liked it more than the American one for sure. Although slicker, I think I prefer the 2000 pair, but watching those first I was able to get it more than the Grudge US as got the fuller picture.”

Cody: Sacrifice aka The Man From Deep River(1972).

“An honestly underrated Jungle Cannibal flick, Sacrifice is less bleak and vile than say Cannibal Holocaust but still manages to get some attention grabbing images stuffed inside. It’s a good barometer flick for those unsure of dabbling in the more nasty flicks as it introduces the more nasty elements in smaller doses.”

Brien Gorham: PARASITE (2019, Theatrical)

“Is it horror? I have no idea. It’s a brilliant mashup of social satire, psychological thriller, comedy, and a few other things. This movie effortlessly shifts tonal gears until an explosive third act. Bong Joon Ho continues to evolve into one of today’s master storytellers. This one will easily be in my top five of the year.”

Robin Lindsay: The Night of the Hunter (1955).

“One of the classics that I’ve never gotten around to watching. Some absolutely gorgeous shots in this movie. Mitchum does a great job of mixing charm and menace into a master manipulator.”

Amy Herring: : The Influence (La Influencia – 2019 – Netflix – Spanish)

“This one is nice and creepy with a slow build that might be a little slow but I didn’t mind. A witch film with a possession angle to it (not the classic demonic exorcism thing but kind of like in the French series Marianne).”

Day 87/14 – October 17th

Kim: It! The Terror From Beyond Space

“Super silly movie but weirdly had some moments that reminded me of Alien. The creature design for the Alien was…not super scary.”

Bob:  In the Tall Grass (2019, Netflix)

A good one-time watch. King and Hill mix Children of the Corn and Triange.Love me some Patrick Wilson. A bit repetitive and draggy in the first half.

Cody: BLOOD HARVEST (1987)

“Look Tiny Tim plays a psycho clown, it’s already incredible before you watch it. A surprisingly good slasher mystery flick that is worth a watch on its own but add in Tiny Tim as Mervo puts this in forgotten classic territory. Thankful to Vinegar Syndrome for a beautiful restoration!”

Brien Gorham: HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U (2019)

“An enjoyable sequel that leans way more into scifi comedy (including obligatory Back to the Future 2 references) than horror. Some good emotional beats – no real scares.”

Amy Herring: TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000

“As stupid as ya please! I don’t recommend it to anyone with eyes. Or ears. Or intelligence. I have regrets. Great cast, tho.”

Robin Lindsey: ISLE OF THE DEAD (1945)

“A nice little study of paranoia and isolation. Boris Karloff does a great job going from hardened by-the-book military man to a believer in the folk tales of his youth. Is on Criterion for the Halloween season!”

Day 86/15 – October 16th


“Really interesting film. Beautifully shot and the acting was spectacular. It’s not without its flaws and the slow burn may be too slow for some but I enjoyed overall.”

Bob: THE ISLE (2018)

3 Shipwrecked men end up on an nearly deserted island. Wonderful atmosphere and great character. Big folk horror vibe.


“This was a wonderful surprise! I won a copy of this a few years back and finally got around to watching. Honestly I don’t want to spoil anything but this is a must watch Horror.”

Amy Herring: MARROWBONE (2018)

“Very good. Kind of mellow on the scares but they are good and atmospheric and the story almost outshines the scares.”

Brien Gorham: WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS (2020)

“We Summon the Darkness – Another movie that plays off the Satanic Panic of the 80s. This one is a real roller coaster with a lot of dark humor. I went in knowing nothing and that made the surprises all the more delightful. The producers said it’s not getting released until next year, but it’s still making its way through the festival circuit.”

Robin Lindsey: THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER  (2015)

“Hmm… This one was ok. I really liked it up to the third act where it lost me a little.”

Day 85/16 – October 15th


Not doing anything new but entertaining enough.


“I really dig this show. Great characters, an awesome look, and it’s just devilishly fun. Some issues in the look requires NO LIGHTS to be on and that drives me nuts. And Sabrina has a “Chosen one” ego stroke of the “I want/dont-want to do the thing” …”I did the opposite of what supposed to do. I demand everyoen stop and help me.”


I was honestly not a fan of this one. I feel like the first half was just a bit of a rehash of the first one and the second was a weird fantasy film. I did love the time sword fight but other than that it was a missed opportunity.

Robin Lindsey – JIGSAW (2017)

I actually watched/rewatched the entire Saw series when this movie was getting released… And then never went to see it. It’s actually fairly entertaining. It’s definitely better than some of the original Saw sequels. The game itself is fairly formulaic, but the rest of the plotline (minus one point) is good.

Brien Gorham: RABID (2019)
” The Soska Sisters remake of Rabid is a love letter to Cronenberg. It’s an effective movie on its own and the little nods to Cronenberg’s body of work make for a fun viewing. It doesn’t quite have the same thematic punch as Cronenberg’s work, but it does add more substance to the main character and the use of fashion as a motif works well.”


“A rewatch. Perfect when you’re in the mood for equine parkour at its finest! This movie is lots of fun.”

Day 84/17 – October 14th

Kim: IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON (2019, Netflix)

“Interesting film. Not perfect but highly entertaining”

Bob: JACOB’S LADDER (2019, Rented from Amazon)

“This was only 99 cents to rent. I overpaid. Remaking a nearly forgotten but amazing film but making it as dull as dry as possible. The lead is the same guy from THE INTRUDER and he’s just as bland and boring. I miss the dark and steamy NYC, traded out for a bright and clean Atlanta.”

Cody: WAXWORK (1988)
” A very fun, gory and campy visit to a hall of fame of classic Horrors! Packs some good effects and has an always welcome David Warner to soften the heart of even the most jaded horror watcher”

Robin Lindsey: JACK FROST (1997)

“Why did I do this?!? It’s every bit as bad as you think it’s going to be. The foam snowman suit is semi entertaining, though”

Brien Gorham: THE COME KNOCKING (2019, Hulu)

” Another “Into the Dark” movie and another “family broken down in the desert” plot. This one has a strong emotional core to it and more than one creepy sequence.”


“I’ve seen this only a couple of times so I forget just how horrific it is. The metaphor and what the family is going through just in reality is so brutal that the horror almost takes a back seat! Very good, but one of the most emotionally challenging for sure.”

Day 83/18 – October 13th


“Interesting idea, but just not executed right. Also, it’s just icky to show “real” footage of a man shooting his family, be calling it real, when it’s fake. Just no.”

Bob: THE CHANGEOVER (2019, Hoopla)

A teenage girl’s brother is targeted by a witch played by Timothy Spall. In order to save him, after unable to convince anyone of the magic causing his illness has to go through a ritual to gain her own powers with the help of Lucy Lawless. Sometimes the paranormal-YA-novel source shines through but otherwise very wise really well done. Never feels cheap or going through the motions for the younger audience, real care is given to to the characters and relationships. Ten points to bad guy Timothy Spall, so damned menacing.

Cody: MANIAC (1980)

“Finally getting this one off my list of “literally seen almost all of it through clips but not the whole thing”. An absolutely revolting and vile movie that keeps you in awe of its unrelenting assault on decency. Absolutely worth a watch if you can stomach it.”

Robin Lindsey: HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 U (2019)

This one seems much less horror based than the first one. It’s definitely carried by Jessica Rothe as Tree. I still liked it, but definitely not as much as the first.

Amy Herring: ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019)
“Sad to say that I thought this one was boring and pointless. No story, just a random funhouse of scares, only some of which were good (like the colored lamp animated shadow) and I’m so over the naughty teenagers trope right now. I’ve liked every movie in the Conjuring universe better. Well-produced yawn.”

Brien Gorham: RED LETTER DAY (2019, Screamfest)

“So this one is an amalgam of The Purge and an episode of Black Mirror with a dash of The Monsters are Due on Maple Street. On an ordinary day in an ordinary town, people receive red letters telling them to kill the person in the letter before that person kills them. Chaos ensues. The acting was a little wooden at times and the dialogue sometimes serves as the voice of the writer’s opinions. It seemed to be missing a third act too. On the plus side, it was fast paced with some fun moments and had some gnarly practical effects.”

Day 82/19- October 12th


“It was fine. Probably the Annebelle movie I enjoyed. Kinda glad I didn’t spend the money on theaters for it.”

Bob: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID (2019, Shudder)

Beautiful film of kids trying survive as orphans on crime-ridden streets. Not explicitly horror but talked about in horror circles and is on Shudder. Straight up, one of the most well put together, moving films of the year. I can see why Del Toro is producing the director’s next movie.


“An incredibly fun film which is pretty much “Night of the Living Dead” crossed with “I Drink Your Blood” and it works incredibly well. Shout out to Alan Ormsby’s incredible performance and the design of most of the Zombies for being too notch!”


“I enjoyed its oddness”


I spent six hours watching short films at Screamfest yesterday, so I’m counting that as my #19. I wanted to call out a couple of exceptional films that are worth tracking down or keeping an eye out for.

“Bad Hair” – Amazing body horror short that has no dialogue but is filled with incredible effects and is just oh so cringe inducing.

#chadgetstheaxe” – I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard during a movie. I believe the director said it was going to be available on the web in a few weeks. It skewers (ha! unintended pun) live streaming culture and vloggers. Just watch it – with a crowd if possible.

Robin Lindsey: DIE, DIE, MY DARLING! (1965)

Wonderfully done. Perfect slow buildup of the craziness. I really enjoyed this one.

Brien Gorham: KINDRED SPIRITS (2019, Screamfest)

“Lucky McKee’s new movie is a slow burn thriller about the strange relationship between a teen and her free spirited aunt. I loved the first two-thirds of the movie. It’s driven by quirky characters and the relationships feel grounded. Dread begins to work its way in early in the film. I liked the ending, but it didn’t totally land with me for reasons that might constitute spoilers. Overall though, an engaging character study.”

Day 81/20- October 11th

Kim: SWAMP THING (1981, Prime)

“Another movie I’m shocked it took me this long to finally watch. I loved the TV Series when I was a kid. Silly love but so much fun. Also, Adrienne Barbeau.”

Bob: THE ADDAMS FAMILY (2019, Theatrical)

A couple of things didn’t work but overall had a solid feel of the property, many clever jokes, and spot on voice casting. Don’t be concerned about the really basic trailer jokes. Seems they chose lowest common denominator gags for that.


i really dug this one! Michael Moriarty, David Carradine and Richard Roundtree all give some credibility to what could have been a terrible B-Movie. Moriarty in particular impresses and the premise was interesting even if effects do let the monster fall a little flat.

Brien Gorham: PORNO (2019, Screamfest)

“Yes, that’s the name of the movie. I should have loved this movie. Maybe I was too tired and crunchy from sitting in worn theater seat too long. Anyway, it’s an 80’s set horror/satire about a group of teens working in a movie theater owned by a devout Christian who stumble across an old reel while closing up. The “satanic porno” ends up unleashing a whole lot of insanity. It has some truly outstanding sequences that will shock even the more hardened horror fan. I found myself less engaged by other parts of it – and that may have just been me being tired and cranky. This one will offend, repulse, and entertain – maybe not in that order.”

Robin Lindsey: LITTLE MONSTERS (2019, Hulu)

“I really wanted to like this more than I did. Lupita Nyong’o is great, but I was a bit let down by everything else. I want to say more, but I know a lot of people are going to be checking this one out since it just dropped on Hulu tonight.”

Amy Herring: THE CHANGELING (1980)

“A yearly favorite. Still totally holds up as time goes on. Good story. The red ball. Eep!”

Day 80/21 – October 10th


“I still get slightly weirded out by the zombies who can talk. I have to admit, this has never been my favorite series. The movie was fine, it’s just not my jam.”

Bob: MARY SHELLEY (2018, Library)

Melodrama of the life of Mary Shelley. I’m counting it due to the horror-connection (still need to see Gothic). Well acted but such high drama!

Cody – RAWHEAD REX (1986)

“A truly garbage flick with no redeeming qualities. Rawhead Rex is by far the worst looking monster I have seen put to film and I had the misfortune of watching the 4k restoration.”

Robin Lindsey – CURSE OF THE DEMON (1957)

“Curse of the Demon (1957). I will fully admit that where my movie knowledge is woefully lacking is pre-1970s cinema. I very much enjoyed this. The characters were likeable and I loved the simple, yet effective, effects. Glad I was able to catch it.”

Amy Herring: THE CANAL (Hulu)

“It’s so weird and then just gets bat shit nuts towards the end but in a great way. I liked the scares. I said holy shit more than once, even on rewatch. There’s some yucky scenes (violent) that I don’t care for but I figure most of this group can probably handle it ”

Day 79/22 – October 9th


” absolutely loved this. Brilliant performances by all involved. Atmospheric, creepy and gorgeous.”

Bob: BREAKING IN (2018, Library)

Home-invasion flick with Gabrielle Union vs Mustache Dad. Pretty standard with stupid decisions on both sides to keep the movie going.

Cody: THE FUNHOUSE (1981)

 Love the aesthetic, killer is freaky and performances are pretty good as well! More than worth a watch!”

Amy Herring: CRIMSON PEAK (2015)

” I love Del Toro as much as I used to love Tim Burton and the super rich imagery is to die for (wink). I love the ghosts and they still unnerve me even after countless watches. I love Del Toro’s behind-the-scenes explanations behind what he created and why. Haunted house perfection.”

Robin Lindsey: PREVENGE (2016, Shudder)

I loved Alice Lowe in Sightseers, so wanted to give this one a go. It was pretty meh. The concept got a little tired, especially since most of the victims had no clue as to why they were being murdered. Kudos to her though for conceiving it, writing it, and getting it made all over the course of her actual pregnancy.

Brien Gorham: WRETCHED (2019, Screamfest)

” This one combines folklore in a modern setting with a coming of age story. It’s a well drawn out story with strong characters that pulls off an impressive third act twist. It also uses the “kid suspects his neighbor is evil and no one believes him” storyline without it becoming drawn out and grating. The Pierce Brothers take their time in drawing out the characters and relationships while also building terror and suspense. This one does not have distribution yet. If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out their Facebook page and give them some love so they can get this movie out there: https://www.facebook.com/THEWRETCHEDfilm/

Day 78/23 – October 8th


“Pretty formulaic found footage. Could have done without the Deliverance left turn.”

Bob: OCCUPATION (2018, Netflix Disc)

Australian alien-invasion flick. Meh. Way too long at two hours. Starts out okay but soon is rote. Although I love seeing Temura Morrison in anything I can.

Cody: GORE GORE GIRLS (1972)

“Herschell Gordon Lewis’s last film for nearly 30 years, this imagines what a John Holmes Sherlock Holmes vs. the Stripper Ripper would be like. An absolute gorefest and an absolute blast to watch, Girls serves as a perfect swan song for Lewis before his early 2000’s return!”


“Not as good as the first one (although I’m hardly impartial) but definitely not the stinker I was expecting. A few good scares, especially nearing the end. Unnecessary jump scares but in line with the first one. Pretty good all in all.”

Brien Gorham: TRICK (2019, Screamfest)

This is an interesting one. I liked what they were trying to do. It’s a nice subversion of the slasher genre that pays great homage to the films that came before it with lots of little details and nods. If you know slasher films well (as I bet many in this group do), you may see some of the twists coming, but it’s still a fun ride with a satisfying ending. My only mild gripe with the movie is the stylized editing. It works really well for the fast paced kill sequences and a little distracting in other places. But it also features Tom Atkins, so all is forgiven. This one should be out on VOD and limited theatrical on October 18.
Robin Lindsey: DARLIN’ (2019)
” I am a big fan of The Woman (2011), so I really, really wanted to love this. Sadly it’s only so-so. I didn’t hate it, but really without the background of who the characters are, it’s not very interesting. The final scene is the only one that had any weight for me. Written and directed by Pollyanna McIntosh.”

Day 77/24 – October 7th

Kim: THE ROW (2018)

You know when you watch a movie, and someone dies, and you’re jealous? Cause like…they don’t have to watch this dumpster fire? Yeah…

Bob: STARFISH (2019, Prime)

An quiet, lonely take on an apocalypse. Introspective but still with monsters!


“It’s Herschell Gordon Lewis so naturally this is filled with terrible performances, weird editing but some of the best goddamn Gore effects 1970 could conjure up. Honestly pretty fun to watch, especially for Montag the Magnificent.”

Amy Herring: WOMAN IN BLACK (2012)

” I love this one because it hits all the classic notes well: enormous and lavish old house, candles blowing out, ghosts in the background, a few jump scares but mostly atmospheric dread, crow/Raven imagery, creepy old toys, takes place early/before the 20th century, on and on. The only thing it’s missing is a seance!

Atmospheric haunted house movies are my all time fave. I would *love * to hear your suggestions just in case I haven’t seen one because I want to collect them all! movied akin to The Others, The Awakening, Altar, The Changeling, Crimson Peak, etc.”

Robin Lindsey: HELL FEST (2018)
Very enjoyable! A few genuinely creepy moments and some great haunted house sets. I know I’m one of the few who hadn’t sat down with this one yet, but if you’re another, give it a go.”

Brien Gorham: EAT BRAINS LOVE (2019, Screamfest)

“Based on a series of young adult novels, this raunchy and gory zombedy (or zomedy – what do people like better? There’s a horde of these films now and I feel like they need a name) is set in a world where the zombie virus is an STD. It’s hilarious and gross and if you like those two things in the same movie you might want to check this one out.”

Day 76/25- October 6th


Der Student von Prag (The Student of Prague 1913)

I’ve been enjoying hitting some of the silent classics. I love how stylized everything is. Very cool little film with some really awesome visuals.

Bob: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (2019, Hulu)

Another great watch. First act is a 37-minute zombie film with no cuts. Impressive in the effects and movements they achieve. If you want just that, that first act will work fine for you. But it continues to show how they did it, in a fictionalized how and then showing it again from the BTS angle. Think NOISES OFF with a zombie movie.

Robin Lindsey – HIGH-RISE (2015)

” I’ve wanted to see this movie for so long (because Ben Wheatley and Tom Hiddleston, come on) and was happy to see it show up on Hulu. I really liked it. It’s one of those movies that you won’t likely watch over and over, but it definitely has an impact. It really does go from zero to batshit pretty quickly.”


“Knows exactly what it wants to be and executes it brilliantly. Brutal, frenetic and a surprisingly intense flick, Belko combines Battle Royale with office life in a satisfying way.”


I’ve now seen three versions and although I really enjoyed Kevin McCarthy’s performance in the 50s version, my favorite is still the 1978 version. I didn’t realize but upon a rewatch today, McCarthy appears in the remake at the beginning! That was fun.

Brien Gorham: ALL THAT WE DESTROY (2019, Hulu)
” Ok, I’m really hooked on these Into the Dark movies and this one is DARK! A mother tries to save her son from becoming a serial killer through genetic engineering. This one feels very Black Mirror and it was one of my favorites.”

Teresa Cracknell: PROM NIGHT (2009)

Total 💩 that is all

Day 75/26 – October 5th

Kim: Amityville Murders (2019)

“I wanted this to be good because I find the story so interesting but it just wasn’t. Hard to see anything beyond the caricatures they made of many of the characters.”

Bob- SANTA CLARITA DIET SEASON 3 (2019, Netflix)

Man, this show is great in all 3 of its seasons. A strong, natural family dynamic with real chemistry, incredible humour, and great heart. Like WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, places a horror-based filter on daily life. From the maker of BETTER OFF TED and ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE, two of great shows no one watched.

Cody: HOSTEL, PART II (2007)

“Man how I hate Eli Roth”

Robin Lindsey: SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER (2005)

“I’m really not quite sure what to say about this one. I enjoyed it in that it it revels in the fact that it is so off the wall and fantastical. It knows it’s crazy and owns it. It’s definitely not for everyone and it’s not “good”, but if you like funky, boundary pushing (in theme, not graphic), low budget movies give it a shot. The villain is entertaining and Amanda Plummer is great.”


“Garbage acting, garbage dialogue, barely interesting plot, garbage movie. I only watched it because it looked like it would have great visuals but I think they blew their entire wad on that score in the preview. I want my 90 minutes back.”

Brien Gorham: DOWN (2019, Hulu)

This one effectively pulls off two people trapped in an elevator on Valentine’s Day as the movie shifts from romcom into thriller with what I thought was really solid pacing.

Day 74/27 – October 4th


I have never seen this all the way through so it was about time. I appreciate the performances but the movie just made me sad.

Bob -THE WIND: DEMONS OF THE PRAIRIE (2019, Library Disc)

A fantastic single-location horror-western, with only five characters and a ton of tension. A woman is left alone in a secluded farm as her husband and a neighbor go to town to sell the neighbor’s home after a tragic event. There she is besieged by whatever she’s been experiencing during the nights as long as she’s been out there. Deft job of melding the past and now (in film time that is) events and getting great scares with little to be seen. Also well done is the questioning over what is real or not, as to be expected with this type of story.


” Horror in particular sees more than its fair share of remakes. This was one of them.”

Robin Lindsey – IN THE TALL GRASS (2019, Netlix)

“This feels like an old school Stephen King miniseries. I mean that in a good way (as long as you, too, have a soft spot for those 90s staples). It’s standard King fare. I’m guessing the small differences are Joe’s influence. If you’re a fan, definitely give this a watch. Fun fact, this was directed by the guy who directed everyone’s favorite video store find, Cube”

Amy Herring: WINCHESTER (2018)

” A favorite. This movie isn’t the best horror ever but it does have one of my favorite scares in it. I think Helen Mirren is overqualified for the role but I still enjoy her in it and ghost movies are my top fav subgenre.”

Brien Gorham: I’M JUST FUCKING WITH YOU (Hulu, 2019)

“Two weird characters engage in a cat and mouse game on April Fool’s Day. Fun, quirky performances and nice twists and turns starring Todd from Wedding Crashers.”

Day 73/28 – October 3rd

Kim: TROLL 2

Now I’ve watched Troll 2


Another blast (literally with the arsenal the title monster has). I loved hearing the theme music. And the robot woman’s lines were the best. “What drives you? ” “Vengance and anger.” … “Mechagodzilla’s brains are in my stomach!”


” aka that movie that’s always in the Horror value DVDs. A true isolation and a dread filled macabre masterpiece, this one truly deserves more recognition in the Horror annuals. The amount of mystery, unease and disorientation in this one are impressive and the ghoul faced villain menaces his way into your Avant Garde nightmares. All in all a bonafide classic that should definitely be sought out.”

Robin Lindsey: MANIAC COP 3: BADGE OF SILENCE(1993).

Again written by Cohen and (kind of) directed by Lustig. That feels so rare for a lot of series. This one played out more like a slasher except for the final epic action sequence. Seriously, the piecemeal way they would have had to do all of that fire work… Ku-fucking-dos!

Overall, I’m kind of upset that I’d not watched this series before. I really, truly enjoyed it.

Amy Herring – DAMIEN Season 1 (hulu)

This is a TV series based on Damien from The Omen and what happens when he turns 30 and ‘comes of age’. To be honest, I was underwhelmed by the pacing of the plot development in the first episode which was used to get us up to speed but a small twist at the end of that episode made me keep watching and I’m glad I did. Although the cop in it is standard tough-guy annoying (as most cops are portrayed in this genre, along with unrealistically vague ramblings of priests, unforch) the rest of the acting/characters are ok. Definitely recommend.

Brien Gorham: SCHOOL SPIRIT (2019, Hulu)

the horror version of The Breakfast Club. This one has some slow parts and is a bit predictable, but not without some gory charm. I felt this one actually stuck the landing.

Day 72/29 – October 2nd


“Another fun one. Good to see one I’ve heard about forever. Loved the look of Mechagodzilla. Pretty bloody! Loved the battle of GvG and the reveal of the metal version. And the arsenal he gives.

Cody – THE HITCHER (1986)

Was promised a classic Horror, was given a classic Horror. Incredibly done cat and mouse isolation flick with a beautiful desert aesthetic.

Robin Lindsey – MANIAC COP 2 (1990).

I was actually a little shocked to see the two leads come back from the first, but then again, it was written & directed by Cohen & Lustig again. There is some damned fine stunt work in this movie. I loved it!

Brien Gorham:  UNCANNY ANNIE (2019, Hulu)

this is basically a horror version of Jumanji and I kind of really enjoyed it. A bunch of college kids get together on Halloween and pick the wrong board game. They actually made some of the characters likeable.

Theresa Cracknell – THE CHAMBERS (2019, Netflix)

“I’m really enjoying this series it isn’t heavy on the horror it is more supernatural and to me it has a Stir of Echoes feel to it”

Day 71/30 – October 1st

We made it to October! It’s the month everyone else acts like we do all year!


“I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. It couldn’t seem to decide what kind of film it wanted to be and needed to either lean more j to the comedy or the drama.”

Bob Foster: GODZILLA VS MEGALON (1973, Starz)

“Yeah this one is super silly, no wonder it was used on the Best TV show of All Tim MST3K. Ultraman, I mean Jet Jaguar is an awkward addition, the jump kick the film is famous for is laughable but so are the rest of the battles. The undersea kingdom is super ridiculous. More than anything, I want to say THIS film provides the blueprint for the popculture take on the Godzilla vs movies. But there is fun to be had.”


“Not nearly as bad as its predecessor but not quite good either. A serviceable effort that has a few good moments along the way and some decent characters that elevate it throughout.”

Amy Herring: PARANORMAN (2012)

“I adore this one and watch it multiple times a year. Cute, funny but also moving tale about how we treat people that we are afraid of.”

Robin Lindsey – MANIAC COP (1988).

Not amazing, but I still liked it. Great freakin’ cast, though!

Brien Gorham: I TRAPED THE DEVIL (2019, Hulu)

” Though it wasn’t quite what I expected, it was brooding and well acted – a taut, small indie film driven by three strong performances.”

Day 70/31 – September 30th


“Not gonna lie. I thought I was gonna hate this. And, full disclosure, the dialogue is just awful. Buuut Robert LaSardo is insanely charismatic that I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Again. The dialogue is just atrocious, but my God that man brings something.”

Bob: GODZILLA VS GIGAN (1972, Borrowed from Tony).

Really loved this one. Gigan is wonderful design. A giant Godzilla in a theme park? weirdly shifting quality in the shots (reused ones but still). Weird to see so much blood.

Cody: WISHMASTER 4 (2002)

This series really should have just ceased to exist after the second if they weren’t going to bring back Divoff.

Amy Herring: FIRST BORN (2016)

“This movie doesn’t feel like a horror movie in the best way, especially at first; it’s how a lot of the scares really grab you. The drama of what the family goes through and the understated way some of the scares are delivered, in addition to the stellar acting (except the little girl but bless her heart she’s still a doll) make it stand out from the rest.”

Robin Lindsey:THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (2016)

“For some reason I thought this movie was newer than that. I just finished reading the novel a few days ago, so my thoughts aren’t subjective. The base of the novel is still there, but it’s completely neutered. The material probably would have worked better as a limited series. You never get to know anyone well enough to care what happens to them in the movie. Given that the author apparently wrote the screen play at the same-ish time as the novel, I’d love to see what that initial draft looked like and if it veered away from the novel as much as the finished film. But yay for Paddy Considine!”

Brien Gorham:  THE TOYBOX (2018)

A movie that takes the “family broken down in the desert” premise and adds a haunted RV. It stars Denise Richards and Mischa Barton. I am stating facts because I have nothing nice to say about this film about terrible people making terrible choices.


“Didn’t think I was gunna like this at first, but once it takes off it’s pretty good. Unique zombie/monster in the morgue type flick.
Admit it, you kinda wanna watch it just for the poodle monster

Day 69/32 – September 29th

Kim: THE VEIL  (2016)

“Went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Not brilliant but entertaining and watching Thomas Jane chew scenery is always a good time.”


“SO much WTF to it. the weird animated sequences, the psychadelic music club sand the off the wall music. But still a lesser entry.”

Cody: WISHMASTER 3 (2001)
“Losing Divoff really hurts this one as his replacement lacks both the menace and charm that makes the first two so oddly enjoyable. The Djinn scenes are still enjoyable but the Professor character is so dull that it really saps a lot of enjoyment out of most of this”

Amy Herring: A Haunting at Silver Falls: The Return (2019).

I shouldn’t have returned.

Robin Lindsey: ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (2019, Shudder)

” I was in the mood for something fun today and this definitely fit the bill. At first I wasn’t digging what goes on after the midway point, but then it 100% won me over. Definitely give this one a watch.”

Brien Gorham: BODY BAGS (1993, Shudder)

Also new to Shudder is John Carpenter’s Showtime produced anthology from years back. The stories are ok, but all the horror royalty cameos make it fun to watch. I also enjoyed Carpenter as the ghoulish host.

Jay Walker: HALLOWEEN 5

“I enjoyed this. Better than the 4th by far, and better than the 2nd. So I guess 3 is best, part 1 and this are pretty deece. Still my least fav franchise (Jason is better, Freddy is king).”

Day 68/33 – September 28th


“Nothing original in terms of content (pretty standard revenge slasher) but refreshing to have a a completely diverse cast! Enjoyed it and worth the watch. If you like Prom Night you will enjoy this 😁”

Bob: WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Season 1 (2019, Hulu)

“The movie is my favorite vampire movie and in my top 10 of all time for everything. So it was a high bar to “bat!” over. AND. I . LOVED. IT. Started out just as strong and only got better. The new crew are their own and don’t feel like rips of the movie. Everyone is brilliant. The new situations of them surviving their pathetic mundanity really melt the TV format.. And Colin Robinson the energy vampire! Fuckin’ ruled. But Nadja and Laszlo new OTP. …The Trial episode had me scream in excitement.

Cody: WISHMASTER 2 (1999)

“This is actually a pretty solid flick that fixes the protagonist problem from the first one and adds to the mythos of the Djinn without giving away the farm. Another film where Andrew Divoff’s performance (especially the prison scenes) elevate this one onto a whole new level of enjoyment! Streaming free on Tubi!”

Amy Herring: DR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE (1920)

“Silent film starring John Barrymore. Great fun, especially with a peanut gallery.

This film is almost 100 years old! Crazy.”

Robin Lindsey: FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS (2017)

” A just passable first feature by the writer/director. However, they really could have used another couple once-overs on the script by other folks. Just some general messy stuff that would have made it a better watch if fixed.”

Brien Gorham: FURIES

“This one just popped up on Shudder. I knew nothing about it going in. It has some brutal sequences. Sometimes the effects and makeup work and other times not so much. There’s a cool premise behind the film and it kind of delivers on it with some interesting plot choices”


“More like Wheels of Disappointment. Basically, take 1 part after school special kidnapping PSA, then add a super excessive, nonsensical car chase to fill the rest of the time.”

Day 67/34- September 27th


“I’ve already forgotten like 95% of this movie. No. Seriously.”

Bob: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 (2012, Owned disc)

Yes Fuck it. I count it. Vampies. Werewolves. Creepy CGI Baby/toddler/whatever. Wife and I watched both parts with plenty of alcohol. Yeah, these movies are awful. Yeah as well easy to hate but really there is no effort here to make a good movie. At least we get Michael Sheen still being giddy and the violence in the dream battle is pretty solid.

Cody: WISHMASTER (1997)

“Andrew Divoff(along with a Horror convention full of cameo’s) drag a godawful flick into guilty pleasure territory. Top notch makeup and Gore effects too! The camp and genuine menace on Divoff’s performance is completely worth sitting through the pain anytime the main hero is on screen.”

Robin Lindey: LES DIABOLIQUE (1955)

“I’ve been meaning to watch this classic for so long. Beautiful movie. There are a couple of moments that drag, but the leads give great performances.”


Kurt Russell and Paul Rudd walk through the plains for way too long. This could’ve been a 1 hr flick. A couple grisly scenes at the end.

Day 66/35 – September 26th


“Honestly, save for the actor playing Dracula, I think this version was better than the English language one. Really cool visuals and storytelling.”

Bob: JU-ON THE CURSE 2 (2000, YouTube).

Another TV movie. The first 30 minutes repeats two segments of the first movie. The others are continuations or new bits. Good stuff. Decently scary.

Cody-  AENIGMA (1987).

To quote Tony Kay “Usually Bruno Mattei is the dollar store Lucio Fulci, this time it’s reversed”. A very dull and lagging flick that’s few moments of fun are few and far between.

Robin Lindsay: THE LURE (2015)

” Funky Polish mermaid musical dark fantasy. I liked it, though.”


“Old man McGee unleashed demonic nipple cat creatures that mess with people.
That’s uh.. about it.
Not sure if this is horror, action, adventure…? I dunno. It’s silly and dumb. Nice palate cleanser if you need a break from hardcore stuff”

Day 65/36 – September 25th


“You have to get beyond the low budget and often not so great acting to see some really interesting potential and story in the film. It’s there if you squint”

Bob: CASTLEVANIA SEASON 2 (2018, Netflix)

“I loved the first season (my second youtube review! sure it’s cringe!) 2nd Season is really well done as well. The animation is gorgeous and the voice acting is spectacular. The story finds Dracula and his clan prepping a war against humans and Trevor Belmont and his small crew prepping. The Preppining ™ takes up over half the length so some may get antsy to get to the action but the character work is solid so I didn’t mind. I loved the interpersonal histories and conflicts within each group. But damn when the action starts going it’s great too. I”ll admit it, I nearly cried at a personal climax towards the end.”
Cody: THE OTHER HELL (1981)
“Bruno Mattei, baby boiling, Satanic Nuns, do I even need to say more?”
Robin Lindsey: WISHMASTER 2: EVIL NEVER DIES (1999)
“This and the first Wishmaster are just the epitome of non teen-centric 90’s horror for me. I can’t help but enjoy them. Plus, I love Andrew Divoff.”
Amy Herring: NEEDFUL THINGS (1993)
“I was interested in the beginning, mildly and briefly attentive at the end, and bored in the vast middle while I waited for the obvious to play itself out. Max Von Sydow playing the devil was smile-worthy, though, and him calling Ed Harris a “wussy” earned an amused pfft from me.”
Brien Gorham: COME TO DADDY
Ant Timpson directing a script from the guy who wrote The Greasy Strangler and starring Elijah Wood should be a home run. And it pretty much is. The thing I loved most about this movie is that I had no idea what was going to happen next. I don’t know what the distribution plan for this one is, but keep an eye out for it.
Jay Walker: EVIL DEAD II (1987)
Obviously seen this before, but this is such a nightmare trip shitshow that it gets traditional play 🙂
Absolute mayhem from start to finish, and definitely earned its legendary cult masterpiece status.
I don’t need to write much, y’all have seen it, you know.

Day 64/37- September 24th

Kim: BOO!

“This was pretty solid. Interesting premise, good cast, some nicely built creepy moments. Worth a watch!”

Bob – ALL MONSTERS ATTACK (Library 1969)

“Fuck this movie. Clip show of Godzilla movies with added monster for a kid dreaming he’s best friend of Minzilla to fight with him. Most of the story is an annoying Kenny fighting gangsters. All the monster stuff is fantasy.”

Cody -21 DAYS (2017)

“The August Underground main characters are more likeable than our heroes in this piece of shit.”

Robin Lindsey – C.H.U.D II: BUD THE C.H.U.D (1989)

” I really wish I had seen this movie sooner, it’s so much fun! Gerrit Graham is perfection.”

Amy Herring: THE FOG (2005)

Another remake I’m trying out. I actually liked it. They changed up a lot of things while mostly keeping the core plot line true and I liked almost all of the changes well enough. There’s one central change I didn’t like much but it was ok and at least interesting. The last 10 minutes went a bit over the top but I forgive that too. Fun to compare versions. I still prefer John Carpenter’s version, but I love me some Selma Blair too! This version needed lots more of her.”

Day 63/38 – September 23rd

Kim: VILLAINS (2019, Theaters)

“Fun movie with a great cast (Kyra Sedgwick and Jeffrey Donovan steal the show). Wish they’d pushed some of the humor even further but worth the watch!”


The biggest of the big battle Godzilla flicks (at least of this era). Much fun! Loved all the monsters!

Cody: ANTISOCIAL 2 (2015)

” An interesting but flawed sequel. This one does a great job of expanding on the universe of the first one and I love the idea of Borg Facebook zombies. Unfortunately uneven pacing, questionable performances, a lack of Zombies and a painfully drug out “mystery” significantly mar this sequel. It’s not bad per say and it’s definitely worth a watch for fans of the first one but don’t set expectations too high.”

Amy Herring – THE OMEN (2006)

“I decided to embark on a small series of remakes and this is my first one. Despite some awesome cast members (oh, how Mia Farrow’s appearance warmed my evil heart) and sticking pretty closely to the original, this version seemed long and boring. It wasn’t as dynamic as the original–I think Damien was cast poorly and Liev kinda ohoned in his performance which likely contributed. There were a couple of highly dramatic deaths, but mostly this gets a meh from me. Fine, but unspecial.”

Robin Lindsey: GET MY GUN (2019, Shudder)

“A low budget sort-of rape revenge movie. I will just say this… I was all in until one very specific moment when it just lost me completely. Everything after that moment just continued to disappoint me more and more. Damn it.”

Brien Gorham: THE BYE-BYE MAN (2017)

“I did not expect much from this movie, but I think I kind of liked it? I like these kinds of stories with cursed figures and this one has a reasonably good premise behind it. Watching people turn on each other while me and the Bye Bye Man just sit back and enjoy the show was a nice way to spend 90 minutes.”

Jay Walker: Halloween 4: something something Michael Myers (Shudder)
Sorta spoiler:

Do you like movies with lots of screaming people who run often, only to have a dude in mechanic overalls, wearing the most basic, plain mask ever suddenly appear in very close proximity to them, and then pick them up and throw them real far?
Well, boy are you in for a treat here!

I thought it was dumb, but this franchise was always my least favorite of the big budget slashers. Which probably explains why I never made it past Season of the Witch. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Day 62/39 – September 22nd

Kim: BLOODY BIRTHDAY (1981, Shudder)

“I actually really enjoyed this. It definitely has some silly moments, but it’s also kind of messed up. Like there is stuff in it they could not get away with today. Worth a watch”

Bob:  KING KONG ESCAPES (1967, Netflix disc) –

“Rankin-Bass designed Kong and Mechakong! Delightfully silly kid monster movie. Loved the Dr Pretorious acting like baddie Dr. Who (not that one), the way the film repeated expositoin directly into the camera multiple times by the characters in the scene and then by the Amerian newscaster. This would annoy me in many movies but it made this more enjoyable. And I gotta mention Susan and her near orgasmic laugh.”

Cody HELL HOUSE LLC III Lake of Fire

“Absolutely incredible conclusion to the series! Full review on City of Geek soon! Available now on Shudder!”

Robin Lindsey: SATAN’S BLADE (1984)

“In stark contrast to yesterday’s low budget winner, this one is pretty bad. Bad acting and terrible effects. It was still fun to watch with a group of people, though. So, if you’re going to watch it, save it for a movie night!”

Amy Herring – MARIANNE (2019, Netflix); also day 40

“Watched the first four hours (2 films worth) of this 8-hour French series. It is fan-damn-tastic. I am loving it. I’ve had genuine moments of fear: gasping and picking my feet up off of the floor to curl into a ball. I cannot wait to watch the rest. ALL THE STARS  so far.”

Brien Gorham: LITTLE MONSTERS (2019, Festival Screening)

“This was the perfect palette cleanser following The Lodge. A light zombedy in which Lupita Nyong’o, Josh Gad, and Alexander England team up to save a group of kindergartners from a horde of zombies during a field trip gone horribly wrong. It doesn’t really add anything new to the genre, but Lupita is brilliant and Gad plays against type to hilarious results.”

Jay Walker: SPOOKIES (Youtube)

“I absolutely love this movie.
It’s another entry in the “fun, silly and bad” category, but Spookies does it well.
The plot and dialogue are nonsensical (as expected), but there’s no shortage of wild monsters, FX, and hilarity.
It’s not gory by any means, but this creature-feature is just so much fun. Definitely recommend adding this one to your list.”

Day 61/40 – September 21st


“I’ve slowly been trying to watch every Dracula movie and was surprised I hadn’t seen this one. Enjoyed it. Christopher Lee was kinda hot. I’m a fan of sensual Dracula.”

Bob – POUGHEEPSIE TAPES (2007, Owned Bluray)

“Very well done found footage (treating it like a documentary). Separating from the 10 years on the shelf for “too creepy to release”, for that set-up creates a far more fucked up film than it is – it’s a fine movie – delightfully disturbing with all too close verisimilitude I came close to questioning “is this just a movie?” (not really though, but the feeling was there). My only real direct criticism is perhaps should have followed one aspect or subject for a stronger through line.”

Cody: SCREAM PARK (2014)

” I’m not even mad, I’m just disappointed.”

Robin Lindsey – THE DEADLY SPAWN (1983)

“The VHS copy I saw was Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn. Ok, this was awesome! The effects were great for a lower budget 80’s movie. Seek it out!”

Brien Gorham: THE LODGE (2020 – Festival screening)

“This bleak, unsettling film comes from the pair who created Goodnight Mommy. It’s beautifully shot and has some Hereditary overtones in the visuals. Something about the movie left me a little cold.”

Jay Walker: JACK FROST (1997)

“I know I’m breaking the Halloween theme here, but I was recently reminded I needed to watch this.
What a shitshow 😂
This is one of the most ridiculous, low fx budget, silly, unbelievable films I’ve seen. Genuinely surprised it didn’t win any awards.
It’s terrible. Blatantly so. Yet not “Sharknado” terrible. Jack Frost makes no misconception about its status as a bananas goofball flick, and hits all the marks while delivering a hilariously good time.
Nothing about this movie makes sense, but it’s hilarious af. I regret nothing”

Day 60/41 – September 20th

Kim: HELL HOUSE, LLC III: LAKE OF FIRE (2019, Shudder)

“I’ve really enjoyed this series overall. I think they accomplished something really creepy on a small budget. Part II was the weakest for me, and Part III helped fix some of the missteps in Part II. If you’ve not watched the series I recommend it.”

Bob: JU-ON THE CURSE (2000, Youtube)

“Six vignettes set up the story of the cursed house for the series. Decently spooky, and I liked the telling of the stories out of order to build the “what is happening here”.”


“One of the original 80’s slashers, I enjoyed it well enough and can definitely respect it’s place in Horror history. I would say it’s mostly definitely worth a watch and on Prime!”

Robin Lindey – THE TRANSFIGURATION (2016)

“Has some sprinklings of Martin in there. Good, but could have probably used a little bit of trimming as it gets bogged down at times. That being said, this is one of those that I’ll probably think about for the next few days.”

Amy Herring: THE INNOCENTS (1961)

“Adaptation of Turn of the Screw starring Deborah Kerr. It was in a list of 20 best ghost movies, of which I’d seen 19 so I checked out. It was good but nothing that felt remarkable, probably because of its age, I hate to say.”

Brien Gorham – also #42

Countess Dracula (1971/Amazon Prime)

Lady Frankenstein (1971/Amazon Prime)

On the surface, these seem like two similar movies – “lady” versions of classic characters, but they take two very different approaches. Countess Dracula is basically the story of Elizabeth Bathory with a supernatural twist. Take away the horrific murders and you have yourself a nice romantic comedy/farce. Lady Frankenstein follows the daughter of the infamous scientist who wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. It has elements of the original novel overlayed with a bonkers secondary story about Tanya’s experiment to create the perfect man?


“Surprised it took me this long to get around to this gem, but man am I glad I did!

Doom Asylum is fantastic! Quintessential 80’s slasher gore. Crazy FX that remind me of Hellraiser, gruesome kills, and a (somewhat) unique vibe.

If you’re looking for a good slasher to watch next, look no further.”


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