Podcast Episode 3: “Halloween” Series retrospective

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Halloween is upon us! Both the most wonderful time of the year in the Season of the Witch where the normal folks become as spooky as the Citizens of the City of Geek and… not sure if you have heard… a NEW HALLOWEEN MOVIE!  As the previous podcast and Kim’s article, (also see her one on the Musical!) along with a handful of Facebook posts on our page note, we’re more excited than Dr. Loomis ranting about evil for the new entry into the series.

We sat down on October 8th and after a bit of Crypticon talk, jumped right into taking on the series. Instead of breaking down movie by movie, prepare for taking in the 10 films (11 this week!) on the whole. There are NO spoilers for the new film.

Check back in soon for a Top Ten Deaths in the Halloween Series article this weekend and along with our reviews for the new film!

Black cats and goblins and broomsticks and ghosts,

Covens of witches with all of their hosts /

You may think they scare me, 

You’re probably right 

Black cats and goblins

On Halloween night

Trick or treat!






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