Halloween: The Musical

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With the upcoming release of the new Halloween (2018) movie, I can’t help but revisit one of my very favorite musicals born out of a horror film.

Musical is maybe not the first word that comes to mind when thinking of horror films, but there have been many a musical (of varying quality) made out of some of the more famous horror films. The Silence of the Lambs, Carrie, even The Evil Dead has a musical counterpart.

I first came across the Halloween musical, written by John deHaas shortly after I moved to Seattle. There’s something about the use of Carpenter’s original score in the opening moments that has stuck with me.

Anyone who has listened to Carrie: The Musical will tell you it’s…not great. Turning a film into a musical is hard enough, but turning a horror film into a musical is almost impossible to do smoothly. Where Carrie takes itself too seriously, Halloween does the exact opposite. Taking the route of parody, it’s a delightful treat for fans of musical theatre and Halloween.

Like what you hear? You can buy the album for only $4.99 here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/johnbdehaas


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