This Week in Theaters: 10/19

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Sorry folks. There is nothing new this week. Nothing we’re excited for at all. Nothing to see here, move along.  WAIT! Come back!

Only the very movie we’re most excited for here at City of Geek!

HALLOWEEN (2018) finally comes out. You best believe we’re there Thursday night! At at least a few other times.  We’ve written talked about it multiple times recently. Kims’ first post was the trailer #2 reaction, the musical adaptation of the series, and the 90 minute podcast discussion!

For the three of you who don’t know: Halloween 2018 retcons the franchise, eliminating all but the John Carpenter original from canon. Forty years after escaping from Smith Grove and killing Laurie Strode’s friends, Michael Myers (no relation) escapes to return to Haddonfield. The night he comes home… again. This time Laurie is waiting for him – in a Loomis like role it seems. We hope it can return the feeling and skilled filmmaking of the first go round before the series became akin to basic slashers.

Reviews so far have been very positive, averaging a 67 at Metacritic when I checked the other day; in avoiding spoiling myself not heading back.


HALLOWEEN is the only new big release, but two acclaimed films move from limited release to wide release.

The Hate U Give, the youth drama adapted from the novel, is another film I’m looking forward to. I wrote it about it for the 10/5 release article.

The Old Man & The Gun is the new film from Ghost Story and Pete’s Dragon filmmaker David Lowery.  Robert Redford is the star and you can never go wrong with Robert Redford. Okay, there are some duds in his catalog but add in a cast of Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, and Casey Affleck and damn you got a hot movie.  Based on the true story of a bank robber from and in 70s, his romance with Spacek, and the law man on his tail (Affleck), the film looks as charming as Redford’s smile. It’s metacritic holds a 79 average.


Can You Ever Forgive Me? is the true story of a writer (Melissa McCarthy) who realizes she can make more money by faking letters by more famous authors. Also starring the wonderful Richard E. Grant, the film looks like a compelling drama. Good to see McCarthy is a different sort of role for her. With an excellent Metacritic score of 87, should be one to check out.

The Guilty is a Danish film I saw at SIFF this year. Outside of Eighth Grade, it was my favorite of the festival. You’ve seen the story of an emergency operator dealing with a tough call and getting more involved than expected done in bad thrillers like The Call, but here it works. The whole film takes place in real time and only in the emercency office. It takes major skill for director Gusav Moller to keep tension and interest with just Jakob Cedergrin as nearly the only face in the feature.  The Metacritic sits at 79.

Jonah Hill’s anticipated drama Mid-90s from distributor A24 plays in NY/LA this week, expanding next week. I’ll save my write up until then.


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