Cody’s Defarious Review

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Cody Here! I’m going to be starting a brand new series where i review some Horror shorts. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on Defarious directed by Chase Michael Pallante!

Honestly I was pretty impressed by the film. The short is very well paced and does a wonderful job of making the absolute most of it’s 12 minute run time.The use of Sleep Paralysis is an interesting backdrop and the film does a great job of building up an unsettling atmosphere with some truly beautiful and haunting shots. I am particularly fond of the opening shot in the woods that is not only stunning but forboding as well that really perfectly encapsulates how well this was filmed.

The acting is pretty good as well , I was impressed by lead Janet Miranda’s ability to work largely solo for the majority of the film. My only issue with the film is that the monster is a tad overdone at points. I love the design but think some of his initial actions look a tad awkward. Fortunately it picks up near the end and the actor playing the demon seems to find his swagger. In closing I give this a complete recommendation! I say go take a look into this one and support some independent horror makers!

Links to the film and creators:

Special thanks to Defarious for providing the pictures for this article!

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