HALLOWEEN 2018 Group Video Review!

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We finally recorded our first video review. We’ve been waiting to start these for the right movie. So of course, we chose Halloween ’18. It was also the first movie Bob, Cody, and Kim were all together for. Joining us were our friends Carla, Tony (who wrote this review for  Let the Corpses Tan) , and Matt from the podcast Cinema Triforce (https://cinemasluts.podbean.com/) which Bob has appeared on a few times.  Carla couldn’t stay for the review but the rest of shoved in Bob’s car to talk about the movie for 15 minutes until the camera battery died!

For those concerned with spoilers – we stay spoiler free until 11 minutes or so, there is a warning.

This being the first video – please like, comment, and subscribe. We’ll have more YouTube content soon!

(Don’t forget to check out the recent City of Geek Podcast going over the older films here)




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