Podcast 10: Oscar Predictions

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Hello geeks!

The 2019 Oscar ceremony is nearly upon us! On February 24th, the Academy will hand out the awards for 2018 films. This has been an odd year for the ceremony itself, with the “Popular” category being talked about then dropped, the host contrivsery, and the commerical break awards. That’s not to mention the awards themselves! Don’t worry, we talk about all of it! Listen on to hear what Bob, Cody, and Michael Kehoe think will win, should win, and what got snubbed?

Tony and Kim were unavaialble, so we brought in our first guest! Michael is a local filmmaker and actor. His work has played at Bleedingham, run by friend of the site Langley West and co-host of the recently ended Bonus Material Podcast. Check out his amazing film festival! https://bleedingham.com/  Find Michael’s work here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpKPFD1t3HPVd4fTphs1djw

Expect a few more articles to come up in the next few days. Bob will break down the shorts categories and post his written expectations. Live Action Short Films review.

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