CARRIE (1976): We All Watch Down Here Episode 1

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Hello to my favorite sewer-dwelling clowns! Welcome back to WE ALL WATCH DOWN HERE and our first regular episode after the introduction.

Join Amie Simon, Adrienne Clarke, and Bob Foster as we talk about the first adaptation of King’s work from his first published novel! Be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be made aware for each further episode!

Check back next week for ‘SALEM’S LOT!

T.J. Tranchell is an independent author and part-time journalist in Washington state. ( (

Amie Simon “is the one laughing & clapping when there’s a large spray of blood or someone’s head gets cut off. You can find her writing at & her video musings & photos on Instagram @ilovesplatter.”

Adrienne Clark  is a writer and editor from Seattle. She currently works at the Museum of Pop Culture, where she writes about all things nerdy including horror, science fiction, gaming, and music. She is a member of the indie dance band Killer Workout, named for the 1987 horror film of the same name.;


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