Crypticon Seattle Panel List for City of Geek Contributors

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Only two weeks until Crypticon!  (that aarrrghh you hear is panelists and cosplayers freakin’ out that it’s so close!)  As noted by the mentioned screaming, we’re all knee deep in dead.. I mean planning for our panels – making our lists, doing (re)watches of relating films and TV shows, consuming books, and other researches.  

Presenting now, what City of Geek will be up to, besides drinking and making fools of ourselves at the after parties.

This panel list is JUST the ones that City of Geek contributors are on, check out the site for the rest.

Get yer tickets here, and follow Crypticon for updates and see what other amazing panelists and creative typess are up to, book your celeb meetups and everything else going on.

–I’ll repost this with any updates the weekend of con–

FRIDAY the 3rd

6PM: Allyship in Horror: Welcome to the Horror Community

Cody and Tony (with Sara Fetters of Movie Freak, Tony Gee of Grave Plot Podcast, and Gary Washington)


In Defense of Bad Movies

Tony – with Jonah Ray (yes, that Jonah Ray from MST3k), Jasen Mortensen, Tori Sinclair-Bracken, Taylor Bartels- Grave Plot Podcast, Heather Marie Bartels)


Film Criticism Workshop

Tony with Sarah Fetters and Kathy Fennessy



Amie Simon (Stephen King retrospective) interviews Dee Wallace


The Sound of Fear: The Best Horror Soundtracks of All Time

Tony with Kelly Young (Strange Aeons), Willy Greer, and Jeff Ferrell


Haunted Pacific Northwest

Bob and Kim; with Tori Bracken and Cat Rambo


Tony Interviews X-Files cast members Annabelle Gish, William B Davis, Mitch Pileggi,and Nicholas Lea


Horror From Around the World

Kim with Jasen Weiss and Kathy Fennessy


Tony interviews Barbara Steele


Pacific North-Weird: Strange History of the pacific Northwest

Bob and Kim (just us)


Things that Go Bump in the Night: Haunted Houses on film and TV.

Bob, Amie, and Adrienne of Stephen King Retrospective along with Colleen O’Holleran

(hey, the podcast Kim and I did on this subject)


Most Baffling Unsolved Murders

Kim and Tori Sinclair-Bracken


Shifting Perspectives: Horror Films Released at the Wrong Time

Amie and Adrienne, with Anthony Hudson and Sara Michelle Fetters


The Celebrity of Murder

Kim with Becky Sayers and Ren Wortman


2018: The Year in Review

Bob and Tony with Jason Weiss, Danny Knightmare and Gory B. Movie (of Horror Addicts)


True Tales of Murder

Kim with Tori Bracken and Lorelei Shannon


Deep Cuts: Horror Icon’s Lesser Known Movies

Tony with Jeff Dean, Paul Malleck (Dormath’s Horror Review) and Jason Weiss


All Killer No Filler: Horror Curation

Amie & Adrienne with Emalie Soderback and Heather Marie Bartels



Amie Interviews Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee


Big Hair, Big Scares: horror of the 80s

Tony with Willy Greer, Jeff Dean, and Clancy Peterson


Who Are You Really? Horror and the Loss of Self

Tony with Julie McGalllard


The Streaming Horror

Kim with Clancy Peterson and Jennifer Lovely (of Don’t Read the Latin)


Slasher Films: Debating the Problematic Nature of the Sub-Genre

Kim with Becky Sayers, Willy Greer, Pembroke Sinclair, Lisa Olvies


Looking Back at the 90s: Defending the forgotten decade of horror

Bob with Jeff Dean, Clancy Peterson, and Jason Weiss.

Be sure to check back for updates – and of course, go to Crypticon!

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