This Week in Theaters: 10/12

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Welcome back, citizens!  It’s another week, and another batch of movies to enjoy!

First, an update from last week: Cody and Bob saw VENOM. Bob’s review

Bob and his wife Allison saw A Star is Born Thursday the 11th. It was a triumph, one of the best movies this year. Possibly write a review soon.

Let’s take off into this week!

Wide Release:

FIRST MAN, Drama, written by Josh Singer, dir by Damien Chazelle

Chazelle’s follow up to the lauded La-La Land (a movie I was not impressed by, honestly) is the story of Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) and the the rest of the NASA team to lead up to the Apollo 11 moon landing.  Looks like very high drama, and could have strong tension even if we know the ending – you know, when Kubrick filmed the moon landing. The advertising is leaning on the largess of the big moments, knowing Chazelle and his previous films, I expect the film itself to lean on the personal issues of Armstrong and family. SSPPPPPAAAACEEE..

Meta critic is at a solid 85 – 30 highest of the year from 53 reviews – all but 2 are positive. Rotten Tomatoes is at 87%.


GOOSEBUMPS 2: HAUNTED HALLOWEEN; Family Horror; Written by Rob Lieber, dir by Ari Sandel

The first Goosebumps surprised me by how damned good it was. Family friendly without being insulting to non kid audiences (like the also Jack Black let House With A Clock Its Walls). Some of the effects were wonky, but damned fantastic idea to tie the books together, tied in with good characters and surprising heart. However, I’m not so excited for the sequel. With only Jack Black returning from cast and a new writer/director set, what I’ve seen so far looks to be a rehash of the plot of first. But still, Halloween hijinx! Bob and Cody will be checking it out this week.

Metacritic is solidly in the center with 54; Rotten Tomatoes is 47%, with a matching Metacritic with a 5.4 average.

BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE, written and directed by Drew Goddard

This is the one Bob is most excited for!  Jeff Bridges is enough to get him in the door. Add in a mad-cap crime comedy with what looks to be a vicious streak and he’s sold.  While it does look a little like it’s trying to hard to be Tarantino and a (woof!) 2 hour 21 minute run time, here’s hoping it’s a violent blast. Drew Goddard has a great trackrecord with Cabin in the Woods, showrunning season one of Daredevil and directing a few episodes Best TV Show The Good Place.

Metacritic is a positive 61, with individual reviews all over the place.  We’re certified fresh at RT with 72.



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