The Worst Movie of the Year Episode 1: VEROTIKA (2020)

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Welcome geeks to our first episode of our new show: The Worst Movie of the Year. We love our bad movies over here in the City of Geek!

So I, Bob, decided to start a side-project exploring them! I call it: The Worst Movie of the Year. Weekly, I’ll choose a random year and watch the worst movie available that is not yet discussed and gather up a group to talk about it. A different set of guests each week. If YOU want to be part of it, send us a line and I’ll do what I can!

For week 1, we’re discussing Glenn Danzig’s VEROTIKA. From 2020, Verotika is a horror anthology based upon Danzig’s comics from the 1990s. And it feels like it has been lost since 1994! And not in a good way. How so? Listen on, friends.

In this episode I’m joined by: Tony Kay, one of the regulars on the normal City of Geek podcast (Latest episode) and writer for The Sunbreak; Jason Weiss, of Laughing Window ( and Seth Sherwood, writer for Hell Fest, Leatherface, and Hulu’s Light as Feather.

A few ways to listen! We’re on Transistor: Embed is still being weird so just follow the link if the below doesn’t work! Please subscribe! (Download instead here)

or Youtube:


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