GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE (2020) Trailer & Bob’s Thoughts

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We’re ready to believe you…. when you tell us you can’t wait for 2020’s new Ghostbusters film. I’m 37 and have always been a geek, so Ghostbusters has always been a big part of my geeky-make up. Watched the hell out of the movies and TV show, had all the toys, costumes, etc. I’ve said elsewehre (multiple times on the podcast for sure) Ghostbusters II was my first VHS tape directly given to me as gift. I wore that tape out! Last August, I about had a fit when I saw and touched and the real Vigo The Carpathian poster from that film when I visited LucasFilm/ILM.

You are like the buzzing of flies to him

SEE! (There were more Ghostbusters things at ILM I saw, see below) Anyway, you’re not here to listen to me talk about how much I love the franchise but to talk about the new trailer. Let’s take a look:

And now for Bob’s scattered thoughts:

As I’m a fan, I’m excited as a fan to have a new entry in the franchise. But I will admit, I’m a little salty to have the 2016 universe wiped away. Reactions to the Paul Fieg helmed film were all over – and we’re not going to get into that here – except to return to the original series so quickly almost seems to listen to those complaining about the reboot. The film was a little bit of a financial loss, and I can see that to one of the reasons this looks more low-key.

And I like that. I love the feel of this trailer, and the thoughts of taking a big franchise with huge set-pieces and approaching a new entry like a mid-level supernatural family flick. Lower budget, less of a risk. It’s a good fit. It allows to rebuild, creating a new set of Ghostbusters – seemingly the grandkids of the apparently-passed Egon Spangler (my favorite ‘buster). Makes sense as Harold Ramis passed away as well a few years ago. I do wonder how he has 13 and 11 (ish?) year old grandkids. He and the mom (Janine?) must have had Carrie Coon not long after the events of the first sequel. That’s assuming these are Egon’s. The trailer pretty clearly claims they are – the uniform, the mold, spoors, and fungus collection -but it could be a mislead. But the girl looks so much like Egon – the glasses and hair help. Oh hey, Finn Wolfhard. You think they hired him because he had it the costume already? That kid lives in the 80s.

This allows to re-introduce the franchise to younger folks without having to be incredibly familiar with it. A soft reboot? Nice to have Paul Rudd on hand to exposition for the kids and the audience. He has a great report with.. well, everyone. If someone can deliver the recapping the past without sounding too direct exposition, it’s Rudd. He has a natural enthusiasm that will carry well.

Speaking of the past, I loved the touches of things we know without too much of the nudge nudge nostalgia. I’m so glad there wasn’t too much of it – especially not repeating the lines (though we do hear Venkmans’ fate lines) in a winky way or not having any of the music. I fear the later trailers will lean into it, particularly the song.

Anyone catch the pile of books at the family’s house at the table bit? No human can pile books like that. My favorite is a deeper dig – the Ecto-1 (hearing the siren brought me back to hearing the TIE fighter’s in the Force Awakens trailer) having a gunner seat like the toys! Speaking of Force Awakens – I can see comparisons. 30 year story gap with a new set of characters finding their way into an established world with connections to the previous films’ heroes and them eventually showing up – but only after allowing the new characters to become established and hopefully iconic.

I’m curious to see if any of my thoughts of the bigger idea are true. Here’s my impression : we see the ghosts (including one that may be Slimer or a trailer-edited-to-hide-Slimer) coming from a mine. Shandor Mine. Shandor is the cultist architect who built Dana’s building in the first film to bring about Gozer. This could be a throw away reference but could connect. I would like to think if he used this mine to get the materials to create a ghost antennae in Dana’s building – could Egon use the same materials left in the mine to create another ghost antenna that’s always a trap? A giant containment unit. With Egon dead, it weakens and opens, releasing all the ghosts that haven’t been seen since they saved the day 30 years ago? We see the paw of Zuul or some other Hell Hound, so another attempt at bringing back Gozer. When the Destroyer was flambeed in the Stay Puff form, I assume it was dead, but it’s a god so perhaps just delayed.

Thus, a good way to bring back old favorite ghosts, along with new ones and also explain why no activity in 30 years.

But I’m happy for this trailer. Jason Rietman, picking up the reins from his father, looks to have made a movie of love and admiration. It doesn’t seem a cynical cash-grab.

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