Podcast Special!: Kim on DON’T READ THE LATIN!

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Sup, geeks!

On our 22nd episode, we spoke geek with Jennifer and Rhias of Don’t Read the Latin!

On our 23rd Episode, we stole lovingly.. homaged (works for Tarantino works for me?) their idea of The Five Films That Influenced You.

And in return, they stole Kim for their 102nd Episode! Join Jennifer, Rhias, Kim, Jillian Vinters from Gothic Charm School, and Emalie Soderback from the world’s greatest videostore Scarecrow Video as they talk what is like to be a woman who loves horror!

Like, comment, and subscribe to Don’t Read the Latin, City of Geek, and while you’re at it Rhias and Jillian’s The Night Library, where they talk about books featured in Will Erikkson and Grady Hendrix’s Paperbacks from Hell. (and also see Will’s Too Much Horror Fiction blog for old-school paperback reviews)

Keep speaking geek and see you next time!

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