Bob and Cody review GLASS

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Greetings citizens!  Bob and Cody checked out M. Night Shyalaman’s new film GLASS. What did we think? Watch below!!


The Too Long, Didn’t Watch Version:

Been a defender of Unbreakable since it’s release and Split was a fantastic return to form for M Night, thus Glass is a big disappointment. The script and the structure of said script is just awful, repetitious with characters straight up dropping out of the narrative for a while like they were forgotten – including Bruce Willis. But it is nice to see Willis care again and give a solid performance. So does everyone else for that matter, James McAvoy is fantastic again as The Horde, giving so much with just posture or a look. Unfortunatly, he’s way overused. What was smaller doses last time is near continual now.
It’s also one of those films for the plot to move forward, there must be very dumb actions by secondary characters – here an extreme lack of security and procedures in the institution. The twist, you know one is coming, is a good idea but isn’t set up well. A good twist redefines the movie in the second viewing; not makes it jump through hoops the first time to make it work.



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