This Week in Theaters: Dec 28th, 2018

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Happy late LIFE DAY everyone! Gather around the tree on Kashyyk and let us watch Jefferson Starship videos and STIR WHIP STIR WHIP with Harvey Corman!  Ok, that’s enough Star Wars Holiday Special!

So I’m late here although it is Friday. This week’s releases came on Christmas. Whether they are presents or coal… we’ll see.

Vice, political biographic true-story narrative, written and directed by Adam McKay; Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, Amy Adams

Dick Cheney is someone I wouldn’t expect a biopic to me made of. But here we are with Christian Bale under heavy make up (goddamn does he pull it off). This looks fantastic, darkly satiric and hilariously biting. The trailer using “The Man” from The Killers was a great choice and I can’t stop hearing it every time I see the poster or think of the movie. McKay is a solid director, even if I didn’t like The Big Short, I can see how others would.

On MetaCritic, Vice has an average of 61 – just barely into the green; with audience at also 61. However, the film is nominated for six Golden Globes.  On Rotten Tomatoes, we are at 65%, averaging 7.1. Audience is at 58.


On the Basis of Sex, Biopic Narrative, Direted by Mimi Leder; written by Daniel Stiepleman. Starring Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates. 120 minutes.

(yes, this has a limited release this week, but we did get in Seattle and I wanted to balance with Vice) We move from awful, evil, male politician to a female force for good in Washington: Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The Notorious RBG has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, with the book of that title, becoming an internet icon and the documentary RBG. (It’s damned good too). RBG is a powerhouse, important figure in the 20th century, breaking down barriers to move to more equality in the sexes (a job still not done, saldy). Now, we have the biopic of young RBG. Bader Ginsberg is played by the stalwart Felicity Jones. The trailers seem strong, but boilerplate; items other documentaries include RBG would have covered more succinctly. I’m still in for it. though.

Reviews at Metacritic are mixed, coming out to sixty, just under the “positive” cusp. There are no audience reviews. It has a positive at RT, 74% and audience score of 63.

Holmes & Watson, comedy narrative, Written by Etan Cohen, Directed by Etan Cohen. Starring Will Ferrell, John C. Reilley, Ralph Fiennes. 89 minutes.

It is never a good sign if the trailers and TV spots focus on the same gag over and over again. Especially if the joke isn’t funny. Here, it’s attempting to selfie with Queen Victoria We are not amused.  Add in no critic screenings…. uh oh. I like the idea, and Ferrell/Reiller work very well together, but this comedic take on the consultant at 221b Baker Street seems just awful. And very late, the Downey and Cumberbatch takes came out ages ago and while Sherlock is still big, it’s nowhere near as rabid as a few years back.  I’m gonna see this cause I like to watch trainwrecks.

The Metacritic scores are devastating, at 24, the ninth lowest of the year.  Until today, the rotten tomato score was a solid ZERO. Now it’ a six due to one positive. Even the metacritic audience is at 2.1. Oh boy.

Also this week is Stan & Ollie (also with John C Reilley) and Karen Kusama’s Destroyer. Both of which I’m dying to see and both of which haven’t made it here yet so I’ll wait.


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