Bob and Cody disagree on The Grinch [video review]

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The Grinch, animated family Christmas narrative, dir by Scott Mosier and Yarrow Chesney. Written by Michael LeSuier and Tommy Swerlow. Based on the book by Dr. Seuss. Featuring the voices of Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Pharrell, Angela Landsbury and Kenan Thompson.


Tonight Bob offered Cody to see either The Grinch or Overlord.  To Bob’s suprise, Cody chose The Grinch.  For the longest time, it looked like we’d be alone in the theater like we were Nutcracker earlier this week. But other people showed up just before! Bah!

Anyway, we ended up having differing opinions. Still haven’t got the hang of the YouTube phone filming so we’re sideways although it told us we were fine. Sorry about that. We’ll get it right one day!  Enjoy! Subscribe and like!




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