MARY POPPINS RETURNS looks breathtaking and familiar.

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It’s a big year for movie sequels which are low-key remakes after long gaps. Okay, maybe my direct other example is HALLOWEEN, but can’t help but make connection. Everything old is new again. At least this time it’s not a continuation of a 90s property (as much as those can work like MST3K and Twin Peaks); for Halloween it’s been 40 years (yes, with now non-canon sequels and direct remake between), but for Mary Poppins Returns, we’ve been waiting for fifty-four years since the Julie Andrews fronted original.

With the sheer amount of sequels and money-printing Disney likes to do, it’s surprising it has taken this long.  The Mouse has been keeping its cards close it suspenders so far as well, releasing only some photos and the Big Game teaser. Until September 19th when it released the first full trailer. It’s linked right below, followed by my thoughts.

I’m sold on the movie, but the trailer doesn’t do much more than I was already sold on. To be honest, Mary Poppins is probably the finest thing Disney every did; so of course I was already in. But this trailer, to which others have been going gaga over… oversells it. I feel like I’ve seen all the major sequences in parts. We see the plot is the same as last time  – thus my low-key remake statement earlier – now Michael and Jane are grown and need saving. As should be obvious but noting this directly sequelizes the film version of Poppins, not the book. That Saving Mr Banks movie a few years ago was good, but fiction. That whole push of the story was not found in the novel.

There is a ton of whismy and fun to be had, I fear the sheer amount that can be done now might over-do it (see Alice in Wonderland and Nuncracker); but I love seeing the hand-drawn looking animation, but of course see more of the CG landscapes. I hope the 2D isn’t going to be a bone thrown at old-school people and then jump to CG for the rest. It also looks a little too colorful and clean, bright, and poppy, distractedly so.

Emily Blunt looks great and feels Poppins. I appreciate it doesn’t seem like she is imitating Julie Andrews directly.  Lin Manuel-Miranda is a good choice as New Bert (I know he has a name but New Burt is canon to me. … same with Poppins being a Time Lord but that’s a whole ‘nuther thing. Ben Whitshaw and Emily Mortimer are always wonderful. Lots of cameos – again some I’d like to experience as the film goes on rather than shoving them all at us. I hope the movie has lots of Dick Van Dyke.

All said – it’s a busy trailer; showing us so damned much. There is a busy slate at Christmas this year so they gotta sell fast and hard, but I worry of the over showing of the hand.

Also gonna throw this out here – my wife and I quote it all the time (and Anne Hathaway and Bill Hader are spot on)


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