Podcast 29: Best and Worst of 2019 Part 2

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Welcome back, geeks!

You listened to us talk about our Best 10-4 before we suddenly stopped! Now you get to hear the rest! Presenting our Bottom 5 and Top 3! (Part 1 here)

Want more? Tony’s written top 10 (sends you to the Sunbreak) Bob’s ALL of 2019: Part 1 – The Average; Part 2 – The Pretty Good and Pretty Bad; Part 3 posts on Jan 6th.

We talk 2019, but see how 2020 starts off with reviews of THE GRUDGE by Bob and Kim.

Below is both the Soundcloud upload and the YouTube upload. Don’t forget to subscribe at iTunes and on YouTube and all the other places. Below the YouTube link is the tally for our favorites, including our overall top 5. If you prefer to hear them as we get to them, don’t scroll!

You wanna know how it all came down?

Our overall top 5. I calculated this by giving points conversily to their ranking for all of us. Tenth place gets one point. First gets 10 points. See?

5. The Farewell, 13 points

4. Knife + Heart, 15 points

3. The Lighthouse, 17 points

2. Parasite, 19 points

  1. Midsommar, 25 points. (it wont’ let me unindent it, argh!)


Tony: 10. Kitfar 9. US 8. Midsommar 7. I Lost My Body 6. Knife + Heart 5. Avengers Endgame 4. The Lighthouse 3. Parasite 2. Marriage Story 1. Dolemite is my Name.

Bob 10. Crawl 9. Doctor Sleep 8. Booksmart 7. The Farewell 6. 1917 5. Midsommar 4. Freaks 3. JoJo Rabbit 2. Parasite 1. The Lighthouse

Cody 10. Haunt 9 Missing Link 8. Hell House, LLC 3: Lake of Fire 7. Ready or Not 6. US 5. Midsommar 4. One Cut of the Dead 3. Child’s Play 2. Rocketman 1. Knife+ Heart

Kim: 10. Brittany Runs a Marathon 9. Atlantic 8. Ready or Not 7. Parasite 6. Knives Out 5. Booksmart 4. Doctor Sleep 3. Little Women 2. The Farewell 1. Midsommar


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