Podcast 26: Horror TV

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We talk so much about the movies we’ve loved across our lives here at City of Geek. But, we probably grew up watching more television. While this episode of City of Geek Podcast is not only about our younger days – it sure makes up a lot of the conversation! But we also talk newer TV horror up to and including Creepshow and Light as a Feather! (You know, I don’t think we mentioned Castle Rock although I’m watching the new season as I type this)


If you prefer to use YouTube rather than iTunes or what-have-you, I’m going to start to upload each episode there as well.

BONUS: Kim has a new podcast with Gabi! Replacing the AGHOSTStories of this past year, it’ll look at a wider set of topics of ghosts, murder, cryptids and whatever weird shit embeds in their twisted brains! Listen here!

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