ANNABELLE COMES HOME is Shallow but Well Done [Bob’s Video Review]

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Hello fellow geeks!

Bob saw the new Annabelle feature this week! Check out his review below! As we’ve noted before, Bob and Kim are paranormal investigators with AGHOST – Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma (website ; YouTube)and tour guides for Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours. When in Seattle, come take our haunted and history tours along with the other events! More info here!  Kim also is part of AGHOST’s new podcast run by Gabi! Link! Episode 2 here.

Bob filmed this intro with our founder Ross Allison in our haunted doll collection at Spooked in Seattle. Not just a ghost tour, we offer these haunted and cursed dolls, other artifacts, and the Death Museum! Not to float our own boat, but we are noted as the second highest rated ghost tour in the US by USA Today after New Orleans! Whoo! Buy Ross’s books at Amazon (non sponsored, no kickback) or come down to Spooked in Seattle and do so directly!

Also see Bob’s series review of the Conjuring series and the individual Curse of La Llorona Review.


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