CHILD’S PLAY 2019 is a Worthy Update [Group Video Review]

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Hello, Andy. Give me the powers, I beg of you – to create a remake of a generally well regarded franchise. The powers that be listened and director Lars Klevberg (Polariod – maybe one day that film will be released) and writer Tyler Burton Smith update the classic killer doll property to the modern age in a well though out redo. The film eschews the snarky serial killer possession in favor of a malfunctioning cloud-based robot. With Alexa and and all the other ways our homes and lives are connected online, it makes a great new way to look at Chucky. Watch on for our full thoughts!

Child’s Play; 2019; Horror; directed by Lars Klevberg, written by Tyle Burton Smith, based on the 1988 film written by Don Mancini and Tom Holland; Starring Mark Hamill, Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Tim Matheson, 92 minutes.

The short version:

Plusses: Mark Hamill’s great voice work.  A surprisingly sympathetic Chucky. Good update of the character, not stepping on the original. Fun and gory deaths. A surprise movie cameo we really loved.

Minuses: Underwhelming conclusion not following through on several ideas brought up; some of the face CG isn’t quite there; Aubrey Plaza is underused.


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