Podcast 12: Horror-Comedies!

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Who doesn’t love their horror with a (severed) tongue-in-cheek?

Bob, Kim, and Tony talk our favorite horror-comedies with special guest Steve of the Bone Bat Show! Bonebat is one of our favorite podcasts and film festivals.  Come out on April 13th to SIFF Uptown in Seattle for the 9th year of blood and laughs for the Bonebat Comedy of Horrors film festival. Eleven hours of 40ish shorts, two features, and live music by the Pine Box Boys! Always a great time! (My review of 2017’s fest)

Buy your tickets now! Go to Bonebat.com! Subscribe to Steve and Gord’s Podcast, now their 11th year! They talk music, movies, horror, what pisses them off, and everything else that strikes them in that tingly way!



We had a great time recording and glad to have a guest! We all came out with new movies to check out. Even the most ardent horror geeks have new films to find. Just ask Kim and her yearly 100 days of horror!

We know we missed a bunch of titles, but tell us what we passed over! What do you love?What ones didn’t work for you?


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