Bob and Cody review SERENITY

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Hey, geeks!

Bob here! Last night Cody and I caught Serenity. This remake is weird. I see little resemblance between the 2005 film and this. Theres’ a ship, sure. But on the water. Making Captain Mal into Matthew McConaughey and changing his name to, not a joke, Baker Dill. Joking aside, we had no real interest until reviews starting noting how flippin’ insane this movie gets. Holy hell, I’d tell you here but you won’t believe me. We do talk about it in the video below! This is the type of stupid that should have no way made it past the script stage. How the hell did no one read this script and not immediately insist on rewriting. Knight’s directing is all over the place – tossing in out of place whip pans (with whoosh noise!), making Anne Hathaway attempt a femme fatale accent ( I refuse to believe she chose it), and filming a nekked McConaughey swimming with a similarly naked 13 year old boy in a weirdly sensual sequence. And lots of McConaughey butt. Lots of it. For a long time, this felt like a neo-noir thriller satire, but it is not. Everyone here seems to think they got a straight, solid flick. Even with the inane twist. You will not see it coming. It’s so off-the-wall even M Night would be surprised and say “now that is a stupid twist!”

Cody may pop in and add some thoughts but for now here’s the video review:


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