Bob’s 2018 Retrospective: 200 Mini Reviews [Part 2: The Pretty Good and the Pretty Bad]

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The Strange Ones

Another I remember a little of and remember enjoying it was a watched but has left my head since.


Here’s a slasher film that had responses all over the place. Many called it a new classic slasher film. Others found it to be trash. As it’s on this end of the review list, I’m more in the second category. I did find things to like amidst the issues. Like Slice it’s nearly a Troma film, and would be better served by that studio. Art the Clown, our killer, is performed very well by David Howard Thornton. He has a fantastic physical premise. Art never talks and Thornton does a hell of a lot with facial expressions and body language. The movie around him? Ugh. The film is initially about two women out on Halloween and a run in with a killer clown. After all but one person – there are some randos around – it’s down to one woman and Art in a cat and mouse. Then, It pulls a Death Proof by switching leads halfway through, killing the lead by breaking one of the rules of slasher films – Art uses a gun and shoots her in the head. Enter a new lead, and a slog of a chase. Terrifier reeks of trying too hard to create an iconic character. But there no meat on the bones of the kills – we can get on Friday the 13th for setting up people to be killed but they are given some form of personality and good moments – and great kills. Terrifier just has Art the Clown.


An unemployed filmmaker goes mad while his wife struggles with bills and her pregnancy. It drags on. And on. Unfocused and forgettable.

Victor Crowley

The fourth in the Hatchet franchise is more of the same. I admit, I’ve not been a fan of this franchise. I love slasher films, but something didn’t quite hit. Some good kills, lots of blood, and great make up. But it didn’t gel for me. We have a bunch more unlikable people, stuck on a sinking airplane arguing and sniping at each other in between stupid actions that get them killed by Victor Crowley, back from the dead again, still played by genre stalwart and multiple Jason Kane Hodder.


Another let down. Too soft and safe to be a true recreation of the Spider-Man character. 

A Wrinkle in Time

I hated how I hated this movie. It’s pro-science with a diverse cast based upon a beloved book series. How did it go so wrong? The book just doesn’t’ translate. It’s a series of smaller, weird adventures coming together with little rhyme and reason. Translating that comes off as a mess with all sort of weird characters who come and go from the film with no cohesiveness. Add in everyone is just god-awful. All the kids (fuck you young Sheldon kid) to the three eternal beings played by performers who should have done better.  It’s just confusingly weird. What the hell flying kale Reese Witherspoon? Mindy Kaling’s continual quotes are book accurate but as so damned grating. Touch the Giant Oprah!

White Boy Rick

What an underwhelming film. An absolutely slog, White Boy Rick wastes an interesting story and a great cast – McConaughey, Piper Laurie!, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Bruce Dern! As the title character, however, new comer Richie Merrit is without energy and mushmouthed. With an energy drain as a main character, the film just plods along.  

Thus ends this section!  Want Part 1? Click Here! Want Best and Worst? Not up until Jan 6th!


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